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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says She Is More Attracted To Women Than Men; Would Date Tamra Judge “In A Heartbeat”

At the beginning of this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, I thought Braunwyn Windham-Burke was going to be an interesting, but sedate addition to the show. She was in a long-time marriage to hubby Sean Burke, had seven children and seemed to be relatively normal. Boy, was I wrong! As we have gotten to know Braunwyn, we have come to find she is not the quiet soccer mom she first appeared to be. In fact, Tamra Judge might finally have a run for her money for the Orange County Exhibitionist Trophy!

Our first clue to Braunwyn not being what she seemed was her odd relationship with her rather unusual mother, Dr. Deb. A second clue was her hot tub escapade with Tamra in Arizona. A third indicator to Braunwyn’s freakiness came when she dressed in black lingerie for family photos–you know, like all our moms did! The final evidence came when Braunwyn engaged in a public, on-camera make out session with fellow married attention seeker Tamra. So, what is behind the make out session and what do the two RHOC cast members really think about each other?

On a recent Real Housewives of Orange County After Show, Braunwyn was asked if she had told Tamra she wasn’t interested in men anymore. Braunwyn replied, “I’m more attracted to women than men. I’m attracted to my husband, but I’m more attracted to women.”

As Braunwyn has been open that she and Sean have done a bit of threesome swinging, this is probably not news to him. Whenever I think of this situation–which I try not to–I get disturbing visions of 1970’s key parties, crab fondue, gold chains and polyester. Thanks, Braunwyn!

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Braunwyn was also asked if she had always been attracted to women. She explained, “I think always. I mean, when I was young, I don’t really remember when I was growing up. But at least, like since 18 on. I’ve always been more attracted to women than men. I’m very rarely attracted to men.” Tamra can firmly attest to that!

Despite her attraction to women, Braunwyn has never actually dated someone of the same sex. She revealed, “But, I’ve never dated a woman. I don’t think I ever would ever want to date a woman.” Hopefully, at least not while you are married!

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Braunwyn went on to add, “They’re [women] just too much work. I mean, I’m a lot of work.” I don’t think anyone would argue that point, Braunwyn. We are all exhausted by your behavior. Second only to your mother’s wacky shenanigans.

Another reason Braunwyn would not date a woman is her husband. Which seems like as good a reason as any! She shared, “I like having the stable husband that I have. I love Sean. Sean, the minute he walked into the room, I knew I was going to marry him. I mean, it’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it. It was just knowing Sean was the man I was supposed to be with. He’s the person I was supposed to be with.” And maybe the occasional friendly Orange County Housewife, too. Just for fun.

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If Sean had not come along, where might Braunwyn be today in the love department? She stated, “Now, if I hadn’t have met him, would that have been different? Would I have ended up with a man or a woman? I really don’t know.”

One thing Braunwyn is sure of, however, is her feelings for Tamra. When asked if she would ever date Tamra, she exclaimed, “Oh, in a heartbeat! In a heartbeat. Yeah, absolutely. I’m so attracted to her, but I told her that. She knows that. This isn’t some secret.”

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I can’t help but think that all of this is no longer a secret to your children, either, Braunwyn. Yikes! I don’t think Shannon Beador or Emily Simpson would share all this information on the show. Kelly Dodd might after a few cocktails, though!

So, how does the object of Braunwyn’s affection, Tamra, feel about Braunwyn’s fan clubbing her?  When asked if she was attracted to Braunwyn, she answered, “I think Braunwyn’s hot! There’s no doubt about it. I think she’s totally hot. Am I gonna leave my husband for her? No. Never gonna happen. No.” When Tamra takes a wedding vow, she means it! At least this time. Lucky Eddie Judge.

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Tamra also cleared up her comments about fantasizing about Braunwyn while having sex with Eddie on the night of their make out session. Shockingly, the comment was not true. Tamra admitted, ‘Yeah, jokingly, I did say that. I had to explain that one to my daughter.”

That statement may be the truest declaration in this whole tawdry affair. No one should have to explain these things to their children, because their children should never find out about them. Keep it at the Motel Six, ladies! Like other respectable Orange County residents.

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