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Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Braunwyn Windham-Burke Would Like To Kiss Sonja Morgan

Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Braunwyn-Windham Burke is full of surprises! Viewers learned that she has a strange and complicated relationship with her mother. Her mother, by the way, is a Cyndi Lauper clone from the mid 80’s.

This OC Housewife is a mom to seven kids, and is married to her college-sweetheart, Sean Burke. She has been nursing for 19 years, which just sounds unbelievable. Braunwyn whipped out a breast at dinner to show her RHOC co-stars that she is still producing milk. Classy.

During the Arizona trip, while Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter were relaxing in the hot tub, Tamra Judge and Brauwyn hopped in, sans swimsuits. Emily and Gina were so uncomfortable. Braunwyn revealed that to mark her husband’s special birthdays, Braunwyn and Sean have a threesome. Nothing says “Happy 40th birthday” like a threesome! What happened to gift card for birthdays? Or surprise parties?

This special event for the Burkes boils down to Sean watching Braunwyn getting sexual with another woman. Braunwyn seems attracted to Tamra. Tamra and Braunwyn even made out a bit in the pool. But Tamra said that she and her husband Eddie Judge do not participate in threesomes.

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So, which other Housewife would Braunwyn like to smooch? In an interview with HollywoodLife, Braunwyn revealed, “Ooh. I would say Sonja Morgan.” Something tells me that lusty Sonja, who stars on Real Housewives of New York, would get along very well with Braunwyn. They are both kissing bandits.

Braunwyn isn’t really feeling any of her other RHOC co-stars. “I would never make out with any of them, because Kelly [Dodd] hates it. She’s like, ‘That’s just… She is not into girls.’ She’s made that so… I mean Kelly’s hot, don’t get me wrong. But she hates it,” Braunwyn shared. “I don’t think anyone else would do it. I think Tamra’s the only one. I would never kiss a girl who didn’t want me to kiss her. That would be rude.” Still, Braunwyn says that she would lock lips with Tamra “Any day of the week.”

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Braunwyn and Sean do have some ground rules about who they invite into their love shack. They choose a woman that they know, but not an actual friend.

“I have never made out with a friend. I would never have a threesome with a friend, even when they’ve asked me politely,” Braunwyn explained. “Number one rule, you do not f**k your friends. That how you lose friends, and I love my friends.” Braunwyn added, “Yeah, we joke about it… and Tam was like…I mean she’s a friend of Sean. That would not be okay, but Sean would never go there. I would never go there. It’s fun to joke about, but it would never happen.” I had no idea that people politely asked for threesomes. Once again–the Real Housewives franchise proves to be educational.

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During the hot tub chat in Arizona, Tamra said that she and her husband don’t have threesomes. But when Brauwyn came home from the trip, she told Sean that Tamra and Eddie had threesomes, too. RHOC fans didn’t hear that confession on the show, so is it something that Tamra mentioned off-camera to Brauwyn?

Tamra cleared up the confusion by taking to Twitter. Reality Tea even received a shout-out when Tamra tweeted, “@Realitytea-ummm for the record Eddie and I Do Not have threesomes!” Later Tamra tweeted, “That’s not what I told her. We do Not have threesomes! Just one crazy fun night a few years ago. #oneanddone”

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Well, it sounds like these two couples won’t be getting involved in any sexual shenanigans because of their friendship. I wonder if that means that Tamra and Braunwyn will stop making out?


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