90 Day Fiance The Other Way Star Aladin Jallali Accuses Laura Jallali Of Catfishing & Infidelity

Laura Jallali has joined a bevy of 90 Day Fiance ladies that lured their younger partners in under seemingly false pretenses.  Laura, Rebecca, and Angela Deem all admitted to catfishing their men initially with outdated photos, filters, and all the best image-enhancing technology that exists.

Us 90 Day Fiance junkies were able to witness Zied and Michael Ilesanmi’s reaction as they met their significant others for the first time.  But what about Aladin Jallali?  He had already seen Laura in person, married, and consummated the union with a bit of short-lived and unsatisfying jiggy-jiggy, according to her.  Actually, most of what we know about this couple is based on what Laura has said.  She was the more vocal of the two at the “Couples Tell-All” reunion while Aladin admitted to struggling with the language and regretting not speaking through an interpreter.  Finally, Aladin got a chance to share his side of the story by posting a series of videos on social media meant as a response to topics his ex-wife brought up on the show.

According to an article from E! New, Aladin posted a sequence of videos on his Instagram that were meant as a response to ex-wife Laura’s statements during the reunion.  Aladin admitted to struggling with his English at the reunion and regretted not speaking through an interpreter.

Aladin said, “her behavior since we separated has only reinforced my belief that this was not the right partner for me.  Lies about a pregnancy and miscarriage, physical abuse, money, cheating, accusations of me being gay, etc.  Keep in mind that she is the one who just went on TV kissing another man while still married and saying that he knows how to satisfy.  So, it is obvious that if there was infidelity, it was on her part, not mine.”

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Aladin said Laura misled him regarding her age and appearance.  He explained, “I was catfished.  Plain and simple.  When Laura and I met online, she shared photos that portrayed her to be much younger than she is.  Her photo, as I discovered, were highly edited.  Even she admitted to this during taping, but no one paid any attention to it.  She told me she was 40 years old and I believed her.  I did not even know she was using fake hair extensions, etc.  When we met in person, I was surprised, but I already had feelings for the person I thought she was.  We had already decided to get married before even meeting.  How else would we have had all documents necessary during this trip to get the marriage registered.”

Regarding Laura’s claims that he used her for money, Aladin denied any such plans.  He explained, “she said she could sponsor me, and I believed her.  I sent the money for the sponsorship application and found out this summer that she lied and never actually submitted it.  She used the money and just spent it.  She repeatedly lied and said she had and that were just waiting.  Since then, I have learned from an immigration consultant that she could not have sponsored me as she herself was not in Canada.  We did submit an application for a visitor visa early this year, which was denied.  I was perfectly [happy] having her join me in Qatar.”

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The three-day wedding bonanza was his last attempt at making it work.  Aladin said already had doubts at the time.  He explained,  “throughout the 3-day wedding, I felt deep down that it was a mistake, but it was my last-ditch effort to prove my love and hope that she would change.  She did not.  She only continued to belittle and disrespect me.  The honeymoon and her desire for fame at all costs were the proverbial nail in the coffin.”

Laura’s actions post-split don’t instill confidence in these two getting back together.  Aladin concluded that, “if there had been any hope for a reconciliation post-show, it is completely gone now.”

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But Aladin is doing just fine.  And he has some exciting news!  “I am focused on myself for now and I am excited to announced that I have started my own business,” Aladin said, “the official launch and details are to come in the next week or two.”


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