Is 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Star Laura Jallali Dating Evelin Villegas’ Friend Raul Cabrera?

Well, the first season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has wrapped up and I have a feeling we will be seeing more of the show in seasons to come. Having the Americans go to other countries, where they will conceivably live in the future put a new spin on the franchise. The cast checked all of the boxes for viewers: naivete, impulsivity and an utter disdain for common sense, personal dignity and conventional social behavior. In other words, good reality television!

Laura Jallali and her husband Aladin Jallali were a difficult couple to figure out. On the surface, they seemed completely mismatched. Aladin was a young, good looking personal trainer living in Qatar. Laura was a middle aged retiree living in Florida. Aladin was reserved and dignified, while Laura was a bit on the, shall we say, crass side. Why were they together? What was in it for them? Love? Fame? Attention? Of course, the ill-matched couple’s marriage quickly imploded and they had an ugly confrontation on the reunion show, with Laura in full victim mode.

So, what has Laura been up to since her marriage tanked? Did you expect her to disappear into oblivion? Well, think again! Mrs. Jallali might have already moved on to her next beau. And he is someone we are all familiar with. The man in question is none other than the third wheel in the Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber relationship–their friend Raul Cabrera.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Raul revealed that he and Laura have become, shall we say, “friendly.” He said that it has been “so awesome” hanging out with Laura in Ecuador, the country she fled to upon the demise of her marriage.

Raul shared, “She recently moved to Ecuador and Evelin introduced me to her.” Of course she did, Raul, of course, she did! He did not offer up any information on how Laura landed up in Ecuador or found her way to Evelin. Something tells me Laura was probably looking for a new well to “quench her thirst” for fame. Or, maybe she just headed to Engabao to go surfing. Nah, probably not!

Defending his lady friends, Raul declared, “Even though people are hating on her [Evelin] she is super nice and so is Laura. I have visited her a few times to hang out at the pool and we had dinner a couple times.” Laura should write a guide book for cougars–apparently, younger men find her charms irresistible!

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Raul revealed that he’s enjoyed “getting to know her [Laura] as a real person.” He is also firmly on Team Laura in her divorce, stating, “It’s Aladin’s loss, because she truly loved him and I have been helping her with the process of overcoming the heartbreak.”

Purple sex toys can only be expected to do so much. They are notoriously bad relationship counselors and their droning buzz is a poor substitute for the comforting shoulder of an understanding new friend like Raul.

In full gentlemen mode, Raul went on to add, “All I can say is that we have a lot of fun together and she has such a positive outlook on life.” I would love Aladin’s feedback on that one!

“I am completely in love with her dog and so enjoy Laura’s company,” Raul continued. “She is super easy going and I am gonna teach her how to surf since that is one of her dreams I will make that a reality for sure.” Maybe pensioner temptress Laura did just head to Ecuador to learn how to surf–I stand corrected!

All of this is lovely, but of course, we all want the real dirt on the two of them. Is this a love match? Chivalrous Raul would only offer, “There is a famous adage in Ecuador…if you wanna keep something special, don’t share it with the world.” So THAT is why Laura’s marriage broke up–she didn’t keep it special! But, isn’t Raul’s tea spilling already breaking his own rule of privacy?

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For someone who claims he wants to keep things discreet, Raul is a mess of contradictions. He went on to tease, “Let’s see what happens at the moment you saw her IG and Stories.” Yes, sharing your relationship on Instagram is the logical way to go to build a private, secret and special love.

Raul’s Instagram has a few pictures of Laura and Laura’s has one of Raul. Maybe she is also professing her adoration on Instagram Stories, which disappear after 24 hours. Which is about how long this alleged love fest will probably last.

According to In Touch Weekly, Laura did share on Instagram Live that she and Raul have “developed a very special relationship.” She also added, “He is an amazing man. I love this guy, he is so sweet and adorable and he knows how to please a woman.” Let your imaginations run wild with that one–if you dare! Jiggy jiggy–I don’t even want to think about it.

All of this may very well be much ado about nothing–or, more likely, much ado about extending Laura’s 90 Days for 15 minutes longer. All I have to say is Aladin, I think you have dodged a ricocheting blonde bullet in search of every ounce of attention she can get.


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