Is Abbi Murphy Quitting Below Deck During Tonight’s Episode?!

Last week it appeared that Abbi Murphy was poised to permanently leave Below Deck to marry her Greek sailboat captain boyfriend after an impromptu text proposal.

We know Abbi did in fact get married, but it also appears that she leaves the show over frustrations with the insane amount of work required to make pampered nouveau riche guests believe no demand is too outrageous! 

Abbi quitting mid-charter leaves the remaining deck crew reeling from being down a crew member. Even though he’s feeling seriously ill Tanner Sterback tries to make up the slack by working through his sickness, which results in him feeling much worse.

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Kevin Dobson, however, continues to face his own crisis as he struggles to redeem himself in Captain Lee Rosbach‘s eyes with a majorly risky dinner concoction that doesn’t exactly appeal to a girl’s trip charter full of aging party cougars!

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Despite bragging constantly that she loves laundry, Simone Mashile realizes that even though she’s technically the 2nd stew she’s actually handling all the 3rd stew duties but not getting the opportunity to handle the guests. Instead Courtney Skippon, who hates work, has managed to sidle into the more prestigious position and also into Brian de Saint Perns heart.

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Courtney finally starts to relent and entertain some of Brian’s flirtations, which has Ashton Pienaar feeling rejected. Ashton seeks to forget his troubles by flirting with every woman in sight during the crew night out – including a very, very unlikely target!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]