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Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Says Chef Kevin Dobson Is “Condescending” & He’s “Not God’s Gift To The Culinary World”

Captain Lee Rosbach’s blog is back y’all!  Below Deck fans can rejoice because this blog is so much better than the usual dose of Captain Lee snark.  The usual is one or two zingers per episode, now we have Captain Lee doing a rundown of each crew member’s performance.

Episode Three was all about Chef Kevin Dobson.  Inexplicably, Kevin decided to be hostile to both Simone Mashile and Chief Stew Kate Chastain.  He thought that rudely micro-managing another department was a good way to conduct himself.  Naturally, Captain Lee had something to say about it.

After last week’s episode, Captain Lee dug right into Kevin in a blog post.  He wrote, “Kevin.  What is up with you.  Kate can be your best ally or your worst enemy and you are choosing the latter.  Why?  You really should reign in your condescending attitude.  You are not God’s gift to the culinary world, in spite of what you may think.  Simone didn’t deserve the grief you gave her, she could have used some help, which you seem to be in short supply of.”

Kevin’s ego was further inflated when he managed to pull off an ill-prepared dinner.  Captain Lee was quick to correct him, “the ‘Vaganza’ was def missing in the seafood extravaganza, but you got away with it and you thought you pulled off a miracle, when all you did was skate by barely.  And why were you trying to call Kate in the middle of the boat tour to serve what should have waited.  We serve at the pleasure of the guests, not the other way around.  Take a good look in the mirror and take measure of where and who you really are.  You have talent, nut it doesn’t go well with a bad attitude.”

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Captain Lee advised Kevin to communicate with the Chief Stew regarding meal plans.  He said, “Kate is in charge of service, and you should follow her lead and she has her finger on the pulse of the guests and knows what they want and when they want it.  The guest specifically wanted a 10:30 breakfast, just because they were up doesn’t mean they wanted to eat.  Had you checked with your and I emphasize chief stew, you would have know that.  Do your job, and that doesn’t include trying to supervise the whole interior.  I have high hopes for you.  Just waiting to see it happen.”

Watching the footage of Simone at the breakfast service was a bit uncomfortable.  She didn’t seem organized with the setup.  Maybe she’s been doing too much laundry.  But Captain Lee has faith in Kate’s management.  He said, “Kate, you seem to have things under control.  I think you had a good week, and I appreciate the way you are coping with Kevin.  Your crew is in order and knows their duties which you have laid out for them and there is no doubt as to what you expect and I think they are performing well, which means you are doing your job well.  I did appreciate the heads up about Brandy and we will see how that all works out, but I am not optimistic.”

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There’s a theme on Below Deck about table decor making or breaking a meal.  Captain Lee quickly praised Kate’s setup, “really great creative table décor trying to bail out Kevin not having ordered seafood for the extravaganza.  Unfortunate that he didn’t recognize that.  I still have hope though.  Great week for you and I loved the photo for Kev, well done.”

Kate does make a mean table decoration.  Hannah Ferrier should take note.


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