Meghan Edmonds Blamed Jim Edmonds’ Mother For Sexting Scandal

The divorce between former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan Edmonds and Jim Edmonds is shaping up to be a big old mess. After news of Jim’s sexting scandal broke in June, the couple seemed to be working things out. Of course, all that changed in late October when the couple split amid Meghan’s allegations that Jim had an inappropriate relationship with one of their nannies, Carly Wilson. At that point, many well-known couples would have taken a social media and press break. Not our Meghan and Jim!

Since their split, the two have been engaged in an ongoing war of words and damage control. Jim denied the nanny accusations and said Meghan was “negligent” and “careless” to accuse him of nanny tomfoolery. Jim then backtracked a bit and said that he was saddened that Meghan was hurt. Meghan, of course, couldn’t leave well enough alone and accused Jim of “drinking and partying with much younger women.” More drama than a telenovela! Of course, that couldn’t be the end of it–not with these two.

In an interview with US Weekly, Meghan felt the need to give a bit of historical context to their split. Meghan explained that after the sexting scandal, she not only blamed Jim, but also his mother for his behavior. She declared, “Jim’s mom has her own set of demons and when Jim sexted on me I emotionally unloaded on her for not nurturing her baby son so many years ago. There are many reasons for me arriving at this conclusion.”

Oh Meghan–you are blaming the mother of a nearly 50-year-old man for his decision to engage in sexting? Really? By my calculations your husband has been an adult–at least chronologically–for over 30 years. Poor Mama Edmonds–it’s always the mother-in-laws’ fault!

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Meghan went on to say, “I blamed his mom for part of Jim’s demons that led to his cheating on me. It wasn’t fair of me to do but this is what Hayley is referring to.”

Drama queen Meghan is referencing an earlier statement made by Jim’s daughter Hayley Edmonds that the way Meghan treated her grandmother was “disgusting.” We have no specific details on this–but I think we need some. Just for scientific research purposes. And to keep us from falling asleep.

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Despite her marriage being in tatters from Jim’s sex-capades, Meghan claims she wanted to stay married. She stated, “I wanted to work things out really badly. I had ignored his bad behavior and swept it under the rug for so long but after he sexted, it became impossible for me to continue to do so.”

As Meghan did not give all of the juicy details of Jim’s alleged bad behavior, we are left to take her word for it. Which, at this point, I am not so convinced is unbiased or completely factual.

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According to Meghan, she wanted Jim to confess to his sins and repent, but she did not get what she was hoping for. Meghan claimed, “Instead of taking accountability, becoming transparent and making sacrifices to heal the hurt he caused me, he went the exact opposite direction and instead became a victim.”

Unfortunately, the Edmonds drama continued last week as Jim called the cops on Meghan when he questioned her ability to care for their children after she reportedly had “a few glasses of wine” on a night out. Nothing came of this, however. Was it retaliation for earlier police calls made on Jim at the time of their split?

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Something tells me neither Meghan nor Jim is going to go silent any time soon. This split is shaping up to be a Tamra Judge or Shannon Beador style divorce with all the trimmings. Do we really need another one?


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