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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave & Brandi Glanville Shade Meghan Edmonds And Jim Edmonds About Their Divorce

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan Edmonds has been very vocal this year regarding problems in her marriage. Back in June, it was revealed that her hubby Jim Edmonds had been sexting a woman who was not his lovely bride. Meghan gave periodic updates on the status of her marriage after the scandal and the couple seemed to be working through things. Of course, all that changed for the Edmonds in late October, when Meghan alleged that Jim had been having an inappropriate relationship with one of the family nannies.

Since then, the media has been full of details of the split between Meghan and Jim. He has veered from angry to conciliatory in statements about his marriage. Meghan blogged about Jim’s alleged inappropriate behavior, claiming he was “drinking and partying with much younger women.” Jim’s ex-wife number two, Allison Jayne Raski, called his marriage to Meghan a “nightmare” her family had to “endure.” His daughter Hayley Edmonds said she had been “waiting” for the divorce. Oh, the drama! Now, two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies who know a thing or two about drama themselves have chimed in with their opinions on this depressing mess.

Brandi Glanville and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave dished on the Edmonds split on a preview of the new podcast, Teddi Tea Pod with Teddi Mellencamp, shared with Us Weekly. Of course, they both had opinions on the situation. When Teddi first brought Meghan and Jim’s names up on the show, Brandi commented, “gross.” And she added, “I can’t even with either one of them.”

You know you have sunk pretty low when you leave even former Housewife Brandi at a temporary loss for words. Meghan would initially seem to be the “wronged party” in all this, but most divorces result from a combo platter of shared actions between spouses. Brandi has apparently ordered the Edmonds “combo platter.”

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What does Teddi think about all this? You can safely bet she has a point of view! Teddi stated, “Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter to me if he hooked up with the nanny or not. To me, if Edwin [Arroyave] was going to events or doing things with my mommy’s helper, he would be dead.”

Would Edwin not engage in such behavior because of a fear of death–or because Teddi would go on and on and on about it if she ever found out? Death by Talky Jo!

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Teddi also declared, “Even when I read [Jim’s] thing where it said like, ‘Oh, I support her, I’m helping her grow and mature into a woman.’ I’m like, that is a hard no. It’s so weird and the fact that he’s justifying that behavior, to me, the cheating doesn’t matter. You’re obviously living in your own world.”

Of course, Teddi has a point–but don’t tell her I said that! Why in the world would Jim be at a hockey game or the gym with the nanny as the photos showed? At the very least, Meghan should have known about these activities beforehand. I am sure she would have given them the OK–“Go have fun, kids!”

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Wise marriage counselor Brandi told Teddi, “After it was found out, he had deleted all these photos of this nanny. Why are there photos of the nanny on your Instagram, anyway?”

I don’t believe the photos were actually on Jim’s own Instagram, but Brandi is not always the greatest at fact-checking. Which is, as we know, an admirable trait in a current or former Housewife. Speak first, get the dirty details later!

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Brandi went on to say that Meghan chose “to have kids with someone that, you know, is a known cheater and then you cry about it after it.” Again, I don’t know the accuracy of Brandi’s claim, but at the very least, Meghan knew she was marrying an older, twice divorced, father of four who had been a professional athlete. What could possibly go wrong?

Lest you think Brandi is heartless, she did say that she felt “bad” for Meghan’s situation. That Brandi–just when you think you know her, she surprises you with wisdom and kindness.

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Agreeing with Brandi, Teddi added, “I have empathy for her situation, for sure. I also think that this is the best thing for her that it’s over.”

Somehow, I have a feeling we have not heard the last of the Edmonds saga. I would like to humbly suggest both Meghan and Jim consult with a good public relations person for some sage advice. And wait 24 hours before hitting “send” on any future social media posts.

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