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Jim Edmonds’ Daughter Hayley Says Meghan Edmonds Is Selfish; Hayley Has Been “Waiting” For This Divorce!

To put it bluntly, the shit has really hit the fan for Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan Edmonds. To say her life has imploded is putting it mildly. Not only is she a mom of three, Meghan’s son is undergoing intensive therapy for irreversible brain damage. And then there’s the husband.

Jim Edmonds is known for baseball, not being faithful. Despite his poor track record in the game of love, Meghan married him anyway. Naturally, Jim’s children from a previous marriage became Meghan’s stepkids. Viewers saw Meghan struggle in her new maternal role when Hayley Edmonds stayed with the couple in RHOC’s 10th season. At the time, Hayley was 16 and dealing with her mother’s terminal illness. Hayley never seemed particularly fond of Meghan, even though she tried desperately to take over be a HashtagCoolStepmom. Now that Meghan is being canceled from the Edmonds clan, Hayley speaks out. Boy does she ever!

Hayley is only 22 and she has experienced a lot. Her father has always traveled extensively for affairs work and she lost her mother to cancer. Hayley’s path to adulthood was also fast-forwarded as soon as she showed up on RHOC. So what does she think about the demise of her dad’s latest marriage? Simply put, she’s here for it.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Hayley does not hold back. “I’ve been waiting for it. For probably … three years?” Dang, tell us how you really feel! Then she straight up calls Meghan a narcissist. “I think it’s impossible to be happy with someone so … I don’t know if I would say narcissistic but, she, like, creates her own problems and loves conflict and things like that.” I can’t say Meghan classifies as a narcissist, but Hayley is right about one thing for sure. Meghan 100% looks for trouble. Vicki Gunvalson remembers! We all know of Meghan’s legendary detective skills and there is no doubt she utilizes her expertise at home.

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Hayley didn’t stop there, “The selfishness is miserable for anyone to be around, let alone to be married to her. My whole family has grown closer because we have all had to stay silent in hopes to protect my dad and no one can do it anymore.” I love a good family bond, but protect Jim from what? Cheating? Getting caught? Or just the misery of living with Meghan? I’m on team kids here, so I don’t have a side – but Jim can’t keep it in his pants. Allegedly.

Hayley reflected about her brief time on RHOC. “I will say I didn’t look the best when I was on the show, but I got so much scrutiny from the way that [Meghan] portrayed me like I was stupid and I didn’t care about anything.” Quite frankly, Hayley’s attitude was calm in comparison to other OC offspring. But she was 16 and watching her mother deteriorate.

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Then Hayley loaded the truth cannon. “In reality, like, I dropped out of high school to take care of my sick mother and [Meghan] came in and completely manipulated me to get on the show and told me I was making it harder on my mom to be there and I was giving her anxiety and I needed to live with Meghan and give my mom less stress.” Expect Meghan’s response to this in 5, 4, 3…

Even though Meghan isn’t Hayley’s favorite, she does get along with Jim’s other ex-wife, Allison Jayne Raski. “I have a good relationship with Allison and her husband, my sister and I both do. The way Meghan treats my dad’s mom is disgusting. And we’ve all just had to sit quietly and I’m just done with it.” Hayley even said Meghan blocked Jim’s mom on Instagram. “It’s a bummer. Because my grandma just wants to see pictures of her grandkids.” For the record, Allison doesn’t like Meghan either.

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Jim filed for divorce last week after being accused of sexing up the couple’s nanny. Hayley had thoughts on that too. “They’re family! They are around every day and they care about those kids and they care about my dad because he’s just like … they want to help him,” Hayley said about the nanny brigade. “They’re just young girls that are just trying to work and be positive and be happy and enjoy their job. And the way she stepped over the line is just completely disrespectful and it’s just absurd.” I’ve never had a nanny, but is it cool when the nanny hangs out with the philandering dad and no kids around?

Hayley continued, “Especially the way that she treated Carly [Wilson] is mind-blowing to me because she holds herself to very high moral standards and she is a great girl who moved to St. Louis across the country because she loves those kids. And it’s just I mean absolutely ludicrous I would say. I can’t even … I keep saying I’m shocked, but I’m not surprised at the way that she goes after people so ruthlessly.” I think it’s great Carly holds herself to such high moral standards. Wish more people did. Wonder what Carly thought about Jim texting some woman peen pics when his wife was pregnant.

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Hayley feels it’s Meghan, not Jim’s extracurricular activities, that have given him a bad rep. Uh-huh. “I think this whole publicity thing with Meghan just ruined his reputation and it’s really sad to see because he was an amazing athlete and he held himself to morally high standards and just a great guy so it sucks to see. Finally, I’m hoping he’ll put himself first and be happy and be able to be a dad again. And I’m stoked that I can have my dad fully back and not have to tiptoe around [Meghan],” Hayley stated. Okay, sorry hon but Jim was absent the day “morally high standards” were handed out. Let’s not get crazy here. Hayley finished up with, “Everyone that cares about him is proud that he finally took the leap of leaving her. It really just pisses me off … She’s got the following and she has the public. We’ve always been a really private family. None of us wanted any of this. We all just want to live our own lives.”

Gosh, do you guys get the impression Hayley doesn’t like Meghan? This has turned into a real dumpster fire. It might be helpful if the family didn’t speak to the media out of respect for the children. I admire Hayley for backing up her dad and I don’t doubt Meghan is less interesting than binge-watching Caillou, but Jim did cheat on her. Then Meghan knowingly took Jim back, only to (probably) harangue him about every move he made. There is no winner here. Hopefully, the adults will get their acts together and remain peaceful. But we all know that’s not about to happen.

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