90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days: Tim Malcolm’s Ex Veronica Rodriguez Criticizes Jeniffer Tarazona’s Parenting & Insinuated That Jeniffer Was “On Something”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple Jeniffer and Timothy often seemed a mismatch.  She wanted Timothy to participate in outdoor activities, while he was more content to spend the day at the spa.  Jeniffer was pushing for intimacy while Timothy held off.  Regardless, the two decided to continue with their long distance relationship.

Then there was the issue of Timothy’s ex Veronica, with whom he is still very close.  Jeniffer was understandably concerned about the amount of influence Veronica had in Tim’s life.  The two ladies had a cringeworthy video chat that proved the point.  Veronica asked Jeniffer if she and Timothy had been intimate yet.  Timothy also chose to give Jeniffer a ring that he first proposed to Veronica with.  Yikes!  That was everything we saw in Season 3.  But how are these two fairing in their unconsummated, long-distance relationship?  And does Veronica still insert herself into their affairs?

It turns out that Veronica is still very vocal in Tim’s life.  Over the weekend she and Jeniffer got into a heated exchange on Instagram after Veronica made a dig at Jeniffer’s parenting.  Reality TV blogger John Yates captured the conversation and posted it on his Instagram.

It all started when Veronica commented on a picture that Jeniffer had posted of herself after a night out.  She wrote, “what are you on??  Hopefully Violet is with your momma or her dad tonight…”

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Jeniffer responded, “what are u even talking about?”  Veronica then back-pedaled and wrote, “just saying you look like you’re having a fun Saturday and imbibing…hope you’re being safe and having a fun night.  You deserve to let loose every once in a while from one single mom to the next.”

Jeniffer then explained, “yes of course, but not tonight I’m already in my pijamas and putting my baby to sleep.  Too much design work to do this next hours, but thank you for caring so much.”

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Clearly, she knew that Veronica was throwing some shade.  Jeniffer continued by disclosing some information about Tim babysitting Veronica’s daughter so that she could go out and party.  Jeniffer wrote, “the funny part is that @el_gringo_charlotte always told me he actually helps u a lot with Chloe so u can go out and have fun, since u being thinking in that is funny that u make assumptions when u clearly know nothing about me, not that I care about them anyway.”

Veronica responded that Timothy hasn’t seen Chloe in two months, and threw a bit more shade.  She wrote, “that’s funny he hasn’t seen her in 2 months.  Nonetheless, if I don’t have Chloe with me I don’t take mind-altering substances (not suggesting you do, but you might wanna have a little chat with your eyes.”

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Most commenters agreed that Veronica, as an ex-girlfriend, was over-stepping by commenting in the first place.  Nothing has changed in this dynamic.


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