Below Deck Captain Lee Rosbach

Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Hopes Ashton Pienaar Doesn’t Have A “Repeat Performance” Of His Drunken Antics

Watching Ashton Pienaar partying and flirting last season on Below Deck was significantly more entertaining than it is on Season 7.  Mainly because he had some willing participants to his answer his mating call. But, also, Ashton was not in a management position.  So if a crew member turned him down, it was still a level playing field.

As Bosun, Ashton made the inappropriate decision to try and hook up with deckhand Abbi Murphy initially.  Then Abbi left to marry her, “Greek f–k buddy,” Ashton has moved on to unwilling Second Stew Courtney Skippon mere hours after she went on a date with Brian de Saint Pern.  And the result could be described as sloppy at best.

Captain Lee Rosbach addressed Ashton’s drunken antics on his blog this week, and ironically, did so by first complimenting him professionally.

Captain Lee wrote,  “Ashton, you had a good week, right up till the end. What in the world were you thinking? You busted your ass on this charter, catered to the guests wants and needs, picked up the slack when Tanner [Sterback] went down.  Handled the Abbi thing the best possible way.  What would then prompt you to have a couple of major lapses in judgement that way.  I think you let your raging hormones get in the way of good thinking.”

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Ashton put the mess in crew mess as he slurred through a few lame attempts at flirting with Courtney.   Captain Lee pointed out the lack of judgment saying, “I was watching you at the crew table with Courtney and you were having trouble just talking. Not a good look for someone in Mgmt.”

“Some times some thoughts are best left inside your head instead of verbalizing them,” Captain Lee continued, “this was one of those times I fear. You definitely embarrassed yourself and I really hope that you have learned from this experience, and we don’t have a repeat performance.”

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It’s worth noting that Captain Lee praised Courtney for her dignity in this situation.  She clearly hasn’t asked for Ashton’s advances.  Captain Lee wrote, “Courtney, I think you had another good week. You are handling the crude behavior with wit, class and dignity.  I for one appreciate it.”

Ashton claims to like competition, but really, it may be time to stop now.  Hopefully, he finally gets the hint.

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