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Porsha Williams Blasts Hosts Of ‘The Real’ For Comments About Dennis McKinley

This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has not been kind to Porsha Williams. It’s so great to see her finally have the baby of her dreams, but that’s where the fun ends. Her personal life is in total shambles. The season opened with the bombshell that Dennis McKinley cheated on her while she was pregnant. She might have her ripe peach, but her life is rotten right now.

Give the high profile nature of their relationship, it’s not shocking that talk shows would discuss it. However, the hosts of The Real may have made a big mistake bringing up the drama. Adrienne Bailon and Loni Love called out the situation, and the new mom is FIRING BACK in a big big way. Watch out everyone because Porsha is pissed, and she has a lot to say about The Real. 

OK! Magazine quoted a now deleted Instagram post of Porsha saying, “B**ch F you! #FakeA**. Don’t run up smiling when I see you!” Porsha is big mad. She’s on a reality show about her life, but I guess it’s not alright to make comments!

Porsha’s scathing comments are in reaction to Adrienne saying, “I couldn’t do it, but I’m not going to judge somebody else for the way they choose to live their live or the decisions she’s going to make.”

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That wasn’t too bad. She did seem like she was attacking Porsha the way the comment made it seem. Maybe Porsha is overreacting to the situtation.

However, it’s possible what really triggered Porsha is what Loni said shortly after Adrienne. She said, “Let me tell you something, Porsha tryna get that reality show, that’s what that is.” Coudl there be some truth to that? After all, Porhsa loves to put it all out there for the world to see.

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It’s a little bit hard to feel entirely bad for someone who chooses to broadcast their personal life. If you put it out there, people are going to comment. That’s just how it is.

Obviously what Loni & Adrienne said angered Porsha, but they aren’t the only ones to bring up her relationship. Before she got engaged and pregnant, most of her costars warned her about Dennis. Did the multiple tattoos of women’s faces not seem like a red flag?

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that Porsha deleted her post because that’s exactly what she said she’d do. When a fan begged her to take it down she said, “I will after she see it thanks.” Porsha sending a message to the ladies of The Real. DAMN.

Loni DID see the comment and issued an apology for what she said. She commented, “Porsha, I didn’t even say anything bad and you know it. It was a lighthearted comment. I hope you get your show! #comic”

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As of press time, Porsha hasn’t replied, but I’d imagine it won’t be a very pleasant response. She doesn’t want these people in her business, and that is that. Note to self, make sure Porsha doesn’t read this post. I would hate to be next.

Hopefully Porsha and Dennis figure out their relationship and can come together for their sweet daughter. Even if they aren’t romantically together, co-parenting is always ideal. Hoping for peace!

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