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Below Deck Star Simone Mashile Defends Her Lack Of Experience; Kate Chastain & Captain Lee Rosbach Chime In

Below Deck viewers have seen Simone Mashile struggle to cut fruit, open a wine bottle, make two-ingredient drinks, and carry plates. Yet, somehow, she secured the role of Second Stew. She has been miffed with Kate Chastain for not putting her on service as often as she’s been in the laundry room. However, Simone seems to have zero service skills. Even one of the (obnoxiously drunk) charter guests from last night’s episode carried out plates better than Simone ever has. This set Simone off. As sad as it was to see her crying in her room, I cannot help siding with Kate. Courtney Skippon is a way more competent stew than Simone is. Of course, she is getting more service opportunities.

Kate has been so patient and so nice to Simone all season, even though Simone seems to lack all most of the skills needed for this job. Still, no one could blame her for putting Simone in her place when Simone “confronted” her during last night’s episode. Yes, I know this show is edited and it is possible that all of the footage of Simone coming through as stewardess is on the cutting room floor. However, that just doesn’t seem likely.

Simone spent a lot of time on Twitter last night, responding to viewers and defending herself. Kate and Captain Lee Rosbach did not take too kindly to her posts though. A viewer tweeted, “I feel bad for Simone, but Kate gave her the chance to sink or swim and unfortunately she didn’t swim #BelowDeck.” Simone quoted that tweet and added, “Oh I hear it’s Sink or Swim but who ever swam the first couple of times they learnt to swim. Or ran the when they were first trying to walk. It’s called learning.” Oh, come on, Simone. How many times did Kate teach you how to open a wine bottle? Yes, there’s a learning curve to every job, but this is a lot.

A different fan told Simone “Yes, you have the capacity to learn but you have to admit that part of learning is asking questions and trying to solve problems. If you don’t know, you can’t be taught. If you don’t know, ask for help. You applied for a stew role and not a comprehensive training program.” Simone defended herself by saying, “Asking questions+trying to solve problems…that’s me naturally (not afraid to look studpid as long as I learn)&what I’ve been doing.Not sure if that’s evident frm watching.I clearly want to be better instead of adopting a Kate is chilled with me in Laundry so whatevz attitude…”

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Simone responded to many tweets saying that she lied on her resumé. It really makes no sense how she got this job even though she can barely carry a tray. Simone tweeted, “Also factoring in that my CV was clear about my experience and the duties it entailed. Very little service at that point. And I was upfront about it as well. So my assumption was if I was put in the position, I’d probably be shown/guided along the way.” I’m not gonna lie, I was wondering the same thing about Simone’s CV. How did she get this job?

Simone continued to blame Kate for her lack of service knowledge. Simone tweeted, “Pretty much. You learn alot about service & get A LOT of service experience from Laundry & Housekeeping based on the previous experience I’ve had.*pls note the sarcasm* Seems to be continuing here…”  How much does Simone need to “learn about service”? Has she never been to a restaurant? She doesn’t seem to have a grasp on base-level skills. This is NOT Kate’s fault. 

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We all thought that service wasn’t Simone’s forté, but neither is live-tweeting the show. Simone didn’t change my mind about anything. Leave the live-tweeting to the professionals. Kate and Captain Lee, take it from here. Kate wrote, “Simone saying I don’t have her on service b/c I think she’s smarter than I am just proves what a laughable statement that is.” Agreed, Kate.

Kate also responded to Simone’s tweet about “learning how to swim.” Kate wrote, “I don’t mind teaching you to “swim” Simone but I’m not going to have you represent us in the Olympic 800 meter freestyle when you’re still wearing safety water wings. #BelowDeck (not being able to open a bottle of wine is the same as having to wear water wings btw).”

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Captain Lee chimed in with “If you are onboard a luxury yacht, this isn’t a dress rehearsal, this is the real deal, we are not there to teach you everything that you purported in your resume and conversations that you already knew.” Seriously, why was Simone hired? Other than semi-delivering as a reality TV star, she brings nothing to the table- both literally and metaphorically.

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