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Captain Lee Rosbach Says Abbi Murphy Liked Nothing About Below Deck Except For Tip Day; Wishes Her The Best

Abbi Murphy didn’t fancy herself to be cut out for yachting life on Below Deck.  Maybe it was the amount of work required of the job.  Clearly, the uniform changes were an issue.  She seemed to be doing ok except for a few hiccups, but Abbi really psyched herself out and quit before things deteriorated further within the deck crew.

The truly amusing aspect of her departure, though, was Abbi’s anxiety about being asked to leave the boat.  Was she expecting to stay?  Where should she go?  What should she do?  Chief Stew Kate Chastain suggested getting to the airport, which seemed reasonable.  But Abbi continued feeling insecure about her literal next moves after Captain Lee Rosbach asked her to leave.

Captain Lee Rosbach discussed Abbi’s brief tenure on the show on his blog this week and also clarified what happens to terminated personnel when they leave the boat.

Captain Lee started his blog by calling Abbi out on her immaturity.  He wrote, “let’s get this straight. I like Abbi, and have nothing against her and wish her the very best life she can have. I do have a problem with her work ethic or lack thereof. Of course, no one wants to be stuck in a job they don’t like. But if you go [through] life quitting everything you don’t like, you probably are not going to get too far. Everyone has to do some things that they would rather not do, but that’s called life.”

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Then there was the long list of job requirements that Abbi did not want to adhere to.  Captain Lee discussed a few of them.

“Let’s see, there wasn’t anything about this job that she liked except maybe tip day,” Captain Lee wrote, “she didn’t want to change uniforms, she didn’t want to put her hair up to prevent her from getting hurt. She didn’t want to use her radio, to possibly save someone’s life, she didn’t want to put out the toys for the guests, who by the way supply her tips.”

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Captain Lee agreed that Abbi wasn’t right for the job and should have left.  He opined, “so yeah, I’m guilty of wanting someone who will do the job they signed on for.  And does it upset me when they bail in the middle of the season, sure it does.  I really don’t see where any of those requests were unreasonable or out of line.”

Captain Lee congratulated Abbi on her wedding.  He wrote, “so Abbi, I’m glad to know that you got married, and that you are doing what you love to do and sincerely wish you the very best. Good luck to you in the future. Wishing you nothing but the best.”

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Finally, to clarify what happens to crew members who  are terminated and left at port,  Captain Lee wrote, “oh and incidentally we didn’t drop Abbi off in the middle of nowhere with her luggage. We dropped her off at our home port and made sure she got to the airport with a prepaid ticket home. We don’t just abandon people who leave, for whatever reason. It’s our responsibility to see they get back home safely with their pay and their tips. That’s the right thing to do so that’s the way we do it.”

Clearly, Abbi’s anxiety was misguided.

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