THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA -- Pictured: (l-r) Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss -- (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Bravo)

Kandi Burruss Scolds Todd Tucker For Hitting The Club While She’s At Home With Their Newborn Daughter

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss is seeing red and her husband Todd Tucker might soon show up on a milk carton. Kandi and Todd recently celebrated the birth of their newborn daughter, Blaze. As many parents know, the first moments at home with a brand new infant is one of the most terrifying important times in the bonding process. As moms and dads navigate feeding times and diaper changes, they can also revel in the bliss of combined sleep deprivation. It truly is a joyous journey.

Sometimes though, both parents aren’t willing participants in the lack of freedom first few days of their child’s life. Work schedules, previous commitments, or not living together can interfere with the overall parental workload. Todd is special, however. In his case, the call of the club scene is apparently too strong to avoid. Now Kandi wants to have a word with her husband about his extracurricular activities. Good luck, Todd.

Like Kandi says, “don’t start none, won’t be none”. Well, it looks like Todd has started none. On the heels of welcoming their daughter, the couple also shares a 3 year old son, Ace Tucker. Instead of staying home with his wife, son, and newborn daughter, Todd is dealing with Blaze’s birth in a rather unconventional way.

According to Kandi, he is chilling at the club instead of changing diapers. Duck and cover, Todd. Kandi shared a video on her YouTube channel with her husband, who was let out of the doghouse long enough for her to drag him. OK! Magazine has the details.

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Kandi said, “I already don’t sleep a lot, and I already knew that I was gonna like, be on my own with the late night shift because that’s how he was with Ace too. But once again like with Ace, this is what pissed me off … he decided he wanted to go out to the club. She ain’t even a week old yet! Two nights in a row, two nights in a row.” Todd might want to start hanging out if he wants Mommy to keep him in nice rides.

Kandi continued, “The first night you went out I already told you I was kind of hurt by that, that you was like ready to just jump out and kick it in the streets. You knew that I was going to be stuck in the house doing baby duty every hour on the hour and you wasn’t chipping in. I said that the first night, and I thought you was going to take a little notice of how I felt and try to like, take that into consideration.” If Todd didn’t see that warning coming from 100 miles away, he is sunk. Digging that grave.

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Kandi had more to say. “So the next day we got up and I didn’t even bring it up because I was like, ‘Okay, I’m not going to be a complainer, I said how I felt.’ So the next day on Thanksgiving, there was a football game — he said he wasn’t even going to the game — but you know, we had tickets. I can see him not wanting them to go to waste which was fine, but then he said, ‘I’m going to come home right after the game.’ After the game, he comes calling me saying, ‘I just seen Apollo [Nida] at the game and we’re going to go out.'” Pray for Todd, no one can help him now. You know Mama Joyce has thoughts.

Todd said he just needs attention. Is he a toddler? He said, “Well, I think this is all part of the trickle down thing. When I say to you, ‘Babe I need some attention,’ you won’t get off your phone.” It’s called multitasking! Todd continued, “Every day since Blaze has been here, there are numerous family and friends that come by. The whole time Kandi is entertained by all her family and friends, so I’m just sitting in the room. There’s no fellas coming over. Basically Kandi just wants to know I’m sitting in the room. As long as I’m there, she’s good.” Get over yourself. Kandi might just want you to sit there because it’s comforting. It’s no strain on the brain.

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Kandi, she does not suffer fools lightly. Todd might want to start walking on those eggshells, effective immediately. Before you know it, Kandi will have him on lockdown that is tighter than Apollo’s probation.


[Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/Bravo]