Below Deck Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Rosbach Says It Was “In Extremely Poor Taste” When Tanner Sterback Shared Details About Hookup With Simone Mashile On Below Deck

The Simone Mashile and Tanner Sterback hookup on Below Deck last week brings to mind lowered expectations and the smell of stale vomit.  It was out of left field that Tanner would pursue Simone since previously said that he was wary of crushes.  Perhaps after Chief Stew Kate Chastain turned him down, Tanner chose to act on the only willing participant in close proximity.

Interestingly, this hookup completely overshadowed the fact that Courtney Skippon and Brian de Saint Pern’s relationship has progressed to sharing a bunk for the night. But, Brian is not one to kiss and tell so it’s a complete non-story.  In contrast, Tanner has no bones about sharing the details of his physical encounter with Simone.

Captain Lee Rosbach probably didn’t want to comment on this sloppy mess, but this 30 seconds of reality TV seemed to stand out the most from the last episode.  In his blog, Captain Lee addressed Tanner about his disrespectful and unprofessional hookup debriefing with Ashton Pienaar and Rhylee Gerber.

Captain Lee wrote, “Well, lets get started, Tanner, I’m not sure how someone gets so drunk, puke their guts out and then keep going like nothing has happened. Must be the youth gene. I found your PDA rather tasteless with Simone, especially after you have been throwing up for quite sometime. I also found your comments on the back deck about your sexual exploits to fall in the same tasteless category.”

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One notable detail about this amorous encounter was the alleged lack of reciprocity.  Tanner claimed that he got a, “12 second hand-job” out of it all.  Captain Lee pointed out that Simone may feel badly about Tanner sharing this info with the crew.  Captain Lee opined, “I’m sure when Simone finds out about it she will be rather embarrassed about it as she should. You didn’t display much class there at all, and neither did the crew by sitting around and laughing about it, like it was a spectator sport, but perhaps thats just me being old school. Could be, but thats the way I roll. I have no issues with your work that you do, but your social skills could use some work and you are def not alone here at all.”

Captain Lee then sympathized with Simone.  This will come home to roost next episode when Simone finds out what Tanner has been saying.  She will probably not react positively.  Captain Lee wrote, “Simone, I feel bad for you when you do find out that your sexual exploits are the topic of conversation for the rest of the deck crew including their supervisor Ashton. I don’t feel that he set the proper example for his crew by taking that conversation and letting it continue and in fact encouraging it at your expense.”

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In the spirit of professionalism, Ashton should not have encouraged Tanner to reveal his sex-ploits at work.  According to Captain Lee, Ashton has been managing the workload well, but lacks the insight to deal with such matters.  He wrote, “Ashton, I don’t think you had a great week. I thought instead of encouraging that conversation on the aft deck, it could have been a teaching moment for Tanner. But for you to not do that and actually encourage him to repeat it to Rhylee was not a good look for anyone. You are getting the work done, but I feel that your leadership is a bit lacking this week and I think it will come back on you at some point.”

What makes for better reality TV than immature people with poor judgement going about their day?  This amounted to about 30 seconds of airtime, and it was the moment of last week’s episode.  Better yet, it will certainly lead to more drama!

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Captain Lee concluded, “and in my opinion Tanner discussing his sexual exploits with a group of people without the knowledge or consent of the other person is in extremely poor taste and he should have been called on it by his superior, that would be you [Ashton]. Simone doesn’t deserve that type of treatment. Like I said I expected better from everyone.”


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