Jax Taylor Is Buying Christmas Trees For People Who Can’t Afford One

Vanderpump Rules cast member Jax Taylor is in the Christmas spirit this year. The reality TV star has been purchasing Christmas trees for people who are not able to do so themselves.

It wasn’t a premeditated plan, but something that came together naturally. It all started when Jax tweeted, “Hope everyone has a great day! I know it’s December. but don’t forget to get yourself a little something when you’re out shopping. You deserve it.” In response, one of his followers said, “Thanks but some of us can’t even afford a Christmas tree this year. Let alone a special gift for are self.” And that’s when Jax took matters into his own hands. He replied, “Dm me Your address, I would love to buy you a tree! We can’t have you without a tree on Christmas.”

Someone who saw this tweet exchange told Jax, “This is awesome but I still don’t have a tree either we have had a rough year but very blessed.”

It’s great to see Jax doing something kind on social media, instead of blocking people who getting into feuds. One fan tweeted, “You are so underestimated at times on the show. How wonderful that you would make someones Christmas so special!” Instead of taking the opportunity to blame editing or shade production, Jax tweeted, “Trust me I know…. but I try my best. My wife has made me such a better man.”


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Jax told his followers, “If you’re being honest with me and don’t have a tree because times are tough dm me I’ll send you one.” That is so sweet.

This really is a new Jax, you guys. One person told him, “you shoulda have sent the first person a DM instead of say you would buy her one so everyone can read it.. you are going to get bombarded now. But I do respect that you are that generous and kind.” Jax seemingly did get bombarded with tree requests, but he tweeted, “Well.. I don’t mind. You should always pay it forward.”



Jax also tweeted, “Who else needs a tree, if you’re honest with me, and just going through a tough time like we all do, dm me, I’ll help you out..everyone should have a tree at Christmas.” Isn’t that the truth? We all do go through hard times in our lives. It’s great to see Jax using his platform and paycheck to do something kind this holiday season.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]