Below Deck Star Tanner Sterback Says Kate Chastain Is Manipulative & Pushes Buttons On Purpose

Captain Lee Rosbach would never admit it, but Kate Chastain was out of line during the last episode of Below Deck. Yes, Brian de Saint Pern said she was “kind of a bitch” and that isn’t OK. However, she was a diva all episode. She made the crew wait forever while she got ready for a day at the pool. Kate said this was acceptable since she has a “higher rank” than everyone else on the boat. But, how long does it take to put on a bikini and sunglasses? That was absurd. She kept calling Brian a “yachtie” when he asked her not to.

She threw the cast members’ clothes all over the crew mess in front of Captain Lee. She jumped out of the production van. It just really wasn’t a good look for Kate, all around. At least the captain has her back because it doesn’t seem like many other crew members do.

Reflecting on #yachtiegate during the Below Deck After Show, Brian remarked, “When you say [the word ‘yachtie’] a certain way, it’s an insult.” I get. If I never hear the word “yachtie” ever again it would be too soon.

Tanner Sterback added, “It’s very derogatory. For Americans, it’s like being in a frat [and] calling someone a ‘frat star.'” Brian added ,”I’m here for a career. I’m not here to get f*cking drunk and travel and shit.”


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Kate insisted, “I was not being rude to them. I was actually being nice to them. Even when I was nice to them, they were like ‘bitch.’ I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.” How was she “being nice”? Did she not see the footage that we all watched on Monday night?

Brian recalled, “I was like ‘Don’t call me a yachtie.’ And then, she kept calling me a ‘yachtie.’ She was trying to get a reaction out of me. Of course, she was. She’s a reality TV veteran. She knows what she’s doing.


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Tanner theorized, “Once she sees a little weakness, she’ll poke that button. She’s very manipulative.” And then in unison, Tanner and Brian both commented, “She’s very good at it.”

Tanner continued, “She’s manipulative, but she’s good at it. And, then, all of a sudden, it makes you look stupid.”


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The After Show episode concluded with Kate saying, “It was like the first time of many times that there was this male fraternity on board, where all the guys just didn’t respect me.” Yes, let’s pull that card because it’s not as if Kate talked down to anyone, made them wait for her to get dressed on their day off, or threw their clothes everywhere. As Laura Betancourt said last season, Kate, “you need to check yourself.” But, that’s never going to happen.


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