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Below Deck Star Brian de Saint Pern Thinks Rhylee Gerber Brings Drama On Purpose; Courtney Skippon Says Everyone Got Along Well Until Rhylee Arrived

This season of Below Deck was great right from the jump, but the drama turned up a notch (or twenty) when Rhylee Gerber returned. She got into a fight with Kevin Dobson, over appetizers. Ashton Pienaar has less-than-thrilled to be reunited with her. Basically, none of the guys are really warming up to her.

On the bright side, she’s given us viewers a lot to talk about. However, her all of her fellow crew members don’t feel the same way.

During an episode of the Below Deck After Show, Simone Mashile said, “I was glad Rhylee came. She put Kevin in his place quite often.” I was happy about that too, Simone.

However, Courtney Skippon told Simone that Rhylee “put people in places they didn’t belong though. Everything was going really well and everyone was getting along well. Then, she was like ‘Oh, I’m gonna change that.'”

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Tanner Sterback reflected, “First night, she makes her presence known.” That’s for sure. Tanner wordered, “This is what you want your first impression to be?” Brian de Saint Pern responded, “She probably did though.” Then, Tanner asked, “As what? A f*cking bitch?” Brian replied, “Yeah, she loves acting like it. I don’t know why.” For the camera time, perhaps?

Brian shared, “I have moments with her where she’s a really good person person. So, I think she’s doing it on purpose to get thrills.”

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Rhylee blamed last season’s episodes for her tension with Kevin. She theorized, “Honestly, I think Kevin either had an opinion about me because he’d seen the show before.”

Rhylee added, “Or because Ashton had an opinion to share with him. He formed one with Ashton, being one of the guys. Instead of recognizing where that issue lies, I’m just gonna go with the scapegoat that we’ve always gone with and make her out to be the villain.”

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Well, at least there’s more than one “villanous” cast member this season. Kevin isn’t getting many fans. Tanner is less-liked week after week with his continued disrespect toward Simone. Kate Chastain infuriated most of the crew during last night’s episode.

When it comes down to it, Rhylee said, “I don’t want to be walked all over.” I don’t see that happening at any point soon, girl.

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