Meghan Edmonds Won’t Date A Man With Kids Because That’s “Too Much Baggage”

Hypocrite alert! The Meghan Edmonds divorce press tour has continued. She seems to have a lot of free time these days.

At first, people had sympathy for Meghan after Jim Edmonds was caught sexting while she was in labor with their two sons. Since then, their very public back and forth has made it very difficult to side with either of them. Meghan’s latest comments are making it even tougher to root for her.

Us Weekly shared some comments that Meghan made on The Viall Files. Get ready for this one. Meghan remarked, “I know this sounds hypocritical, I’m not really into dating a guy with kids. I love kids and I loved being a stepmom, but it’s a lot of baggage.” There is so much to unpack from that statement. She’s been a stepmom. She has three kids herself. The hypocrisy alert is at a high point.

Meghan also said, “I hate to call kids baggage, but kids are a lifelong commitment and you didn’t have any input into creating this child and it’s hard.” Wow. So much for Meghan’s hopes of rekindling the fractured relationships that she has with her own stepkids.


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The Real Housewives of Orange County alum shared, “I’ve been a stepmom it’s difficult. If I were to go into that relationship and be a stepmom, it’s hard, I know it’s hard. But on the flipside a man with children knows what I’m going through because he has kids.” I am just in shock over here. I’m all for honesty, but these comments are just… well, Jim actually put it best, believe it or not.

Jim’s rep told Us Weekly, “I can’t help but wonder how Jim’s four children feel about being called baggage.” That is exactly what I was thinking. I can’t imagine them unblocking any time soon.


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