Married At First Sight Recap- Home Is Where Your Spouse Is

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight ,  there are only six weeks until decision day. Four pairs of newlyweds settle into married life in their new homes. Another couple struggles just to find common ground.  Some friends are thrilled to hear how well married life is going, while others refuse to keep quiet about their concerns.

This episode was interesting to say the least. Although many of the couples seem to be getting along, they have some surprising concerns. I think this is probably the realest the couples have been since the beginning of the season. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Brandon & Taylor

 Married At First Sight Recap- Home Is Where Your Spouse Is

Married At First Sight Recap- Home Is Where Your Spouse Is

Taylor Dunklin meets with friends to give them an update on her marriage with her husband, Brandon Reid. Her friends are concerned when they hear about his split personalities. Taylor still attempts to highlight Brandon’s positive qualities, despite all of his disrespectful antics. For some reason, her friends applaud Taylor for staying the course. Umm… if my friend told me a man she barely knows did the things Brandon has done, I wouldn’t be advising her to stick it out.

Although Brandon and Taylor are trying to get past their issues, they are currently staying in separate bedrooms. Well at least Taylor didn’t completely let him off the hook. A person who has very explosive episodes out of nowhere would make me extremely uncomfortable. If you are unable to control your emotions and behavior, especially as a man, I would be out the door before it escalates further in the future.

Brandon and Taylor have a housewarming/birthday party for her aunt. Taylor pleads with her friends not to be too hard on baby Brandon.  Even her dog doesn’t respect him.  He literally tries to hump Brandon’s leg the entire party. Brandon decides to address the reason he is staying in the spare bedroom. Uh oh… this is about to get good. Things go from lighthearted fun to all of Taylor’s friends checking him on his treatment of her. At one point he even tries to lie and say there was only one day that he lost his temper. His aunt has to come to his rescue when she sees her nephew looking like a scared child being scolded. After the party, Taylor wants to discuss their issues and her hopes for a better future. I can see Brandon’s evil twin just itching to come out, but he manages to keep him at bay.


Austin & Jessica

 Married At First Sight Recap- Home Is Where Your Spouse Is

Austin Hurd is working hard to show his wife, Jessica Studer that he appreciates her. When she arrives home from work, she finds a home cooked meal and all of the chores done. Austin is so sweet. I know he really had to have made an effort now that mommy isn’t there to do everything for him. Jessica, you may have found a winner. Who doesn’t love coming home after work and being able to relax rather than do a second shift of household duties? My only concern is that Austin is trying so hard to be a good husband, that he may not be revealing his authentic self. I really don’t know anything about his personality at this point, beyond that he is quirky.

Austin and Jessica are excited to meet each other’s friends at their housewarming party. After Jessica beats everyone in beer pong, the girls break off from the men for each group to talk. Jessica does mention their wage gap again. Could she be a bit more bothered about the situation than she leads us to believe? I guess that may be another reason Austin is going out of his way to do his part.


Derek & Katie

 Married At First Sight Recap- Home Is Where Your Spouse Is

Katie Conrad meets with her mother to discuss the state of her marriage with Derek Sherman. Katie is disgusted by the fact that her husband constantly tells her about his potty time. I literally almost spit out my water laughing. Eww… can we at least work up to that level of comfort? The way she described him “going out of his way” to give this information is hilarious. She is also upset that Derek has admitted he may not fall in love with her by the end of 8 weeks. According to Katie, she gave up her “ex” who did love her, for someone who may not ever feel that way. Chile, please! I don’t think her ex-boyfriend loved her either. He only told her that because selfishly he didn’t want her to marry a stranger.

Derek gets advice from his father about his marriage. Although he likes Katie and has many things in common with her, he feels their relationship is only surface level. His dad advises him it may not be the best idea to tell his wife he is worried he may not fall in love with her. Unfortunately Derek feels differently, he would rather set realistic expectations. I guess I can see both sides. On one hand, who wants to hear that, on the other at least he is being honest. That is not to say he will never longer it just may have to happen organically in time.

During their party, Katie pulls her girls aside to complain about Derek. She is concerned that he isn’t in love with her and has no game in the bedroom. Apparently, Katie is tired of initiating sexy time. With so many complaints, it’s a wonder why she is so desperate for her husband to say I love you.


Meka & Michael

Married At First Sight Recap- Home Is Where Your Spouse Is

All of the wives get together at the park. Meka Jones is happy to report that she and Michael Watson are now sleeping in the same bed and on better terms. She actually attributes them living together as why they were able to get past their issues. I guess having to see someone everyday will make you feel obligated to at least be cordial.

Meka and Michael prepare for their housewarming party with friends and family. She challenges Michael again about why he isn’t wearing his ring. He explains at the time he felt like their marriage was failing. But she is worried he will think it’s normal to go ringless every time they aren’t on good terms.  They both jointly decide to put back on their rings and move forward.

Married At First Sight Recap- Home Is Where Your Spouse Is

At the party everyone seems to be meshing well and having a good time. While playing a game to get to know the newlyweds, the first question is how many days a week does Michael work out. The options were 5, 6 or 7 days a week. I thought I was the only one confused until one of Meka’s friends said he didn’t think any of those numbers applied. LMAO!!!  I was scared I needed my eyes checked. I guess I’m not the only one not seeing the fruit of his labor. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the guy looks bad, but he definitely doesn’t look like he works out 5 days a week. Michael speaks with Meka’s mom privately to get some advice. His mother-in-law tells him to take things a day at a time and stop pressuring himself.

Mindy & Zach

 Married At First Sight Recap- Home Is Where Your Spouse Is

Mindy Shiben admits to the other wives that she has moved into the new apartment without her husband, Zach Justice.  Meanwhile, he tries to convince the husbands that it makes sense for him not to live with his wife. Umm… why is this hair harlot still on the show? I am so sick of Zach and his selfish, noncommittal behavior.  I feel so sorry for Mindy. I know she has to be embarrassed when she sees everyone else’s progress in their marriage.

Mindy meets Zach at the dog park to spend some time together. Watching them interact so awkwardly is difficult to watch. It’s obvious Zach is only going through the motions and doesn’t care about his wife’s feelings. To add insult to injury he tells her he values her friendship, which infuriates her because they are technically married. Zach then shows her he is now wearing his wedding ring and claims he wants to be married. Ummm…. No sir, you don’t. You are refusing to live with your WIFE because you claim to need space and keep telling her you aren’t attracted to her. I don’t think that is what a healthy marriage where two people are committed looks like. Is Zach related to one of the producers? Why the hell are they allowing him to decide what aspects of the experiment he feels like completing?

Since Zach refuses to enter his own marital home, he decides to meet with Mindy and his friends at a local bar. One of Mindy’s friends asks him the hard hitting questions that Mindy should be calling him out on. He looks at his wife for help to get him out of lying answering about his intentions. Let’s be real, he hasn’t even set foot in the apartment to even visit Mindy. This guy is such a waste of time and video it is laughable.

Mindy has friends over for drinks and they warn her not to trust her husband. Like the viewers, they can see past Zach’s smile and talking in circles to hear the complete BS mixed within.  Then guess who shows up, Zach! Mindy has to beg her friends to stop grilling her husband on why he hasn’t moved in when he lives less than 10 minutes away.  There is no point in pressuring a guy who is totally uninterested in a woman to act as if he is. I just wish Mindy was less enthusiastic about the bare minimum she is getting from Zach.



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