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It is no secret that former Real Housewives of Orange County star and “OG” Vicki Gunvalson isn’t a fan of how co-star Braunwyn Windham-Burke lives her life. The newbie certainly made her mark on the series. She is a mom to seven children and is happily married to her husband, Sean Burke.

It just so happens that Braunwyn is no prudish soccer mom. She enjoys having threesomes to celebrate her husband’s special birthdays. And Braunwyn really enjoyed making out with RHOC co-star Tamra Judge. A lot.

At the Season 14 reunion, Vicki came in guns blazing. Vicki was only a part-time cast member that season and wasn’t shy about letting everyone know how insulted she was about her reduced role on the series. She had the mother-of-all meltdowns at the reunion, and it wasn’t pretty.

Vicki directed much of her anger towards Braunwyn. “Do you think people want to emulate this trash? Kissing each other. We are all supposed to be role models for our children, for our grandchildren,” Vicki said. Braunwyn stated that she is a role model, and Vicki screamed, “I think it’s disgusting!” Not a good look, Vicki.


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On March 12, Reality Tea’s Twitter featured an article where Vicki claimed that filming RHOC “became fake” and “really toxic.” Braunwyn had some thoughts about that and shared her opinion. “This season is so different, real issues, real relationships, I wonder what changed,” Braunwyn commented on Reality Tea’s Twitter. Her post was accompanied by a frowning emoji and an emoji looking through a magnifying glass.

Of course, there were a lot of entertaining responses. (Some of the grammar is a bit rough.) One user tweeted, “Can you honestly say that you women don’t ‘ham it up’ for tha camera?” Another commented, “The toxic Amigas have left the building.” One fan tweeted, “Tamara and Vickie are old news. Plus. Borringggg.”


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But not everyone was pleased with Braunwyn shading Vicki. One user tweeted, “This is why so many fans don’t care for you. You’ve been on one season, stop acting like you know all about the RHOC.” Ouch!

Another user was even more shady to Braunwyn. “@braunwyn step down. Your vow renewal has been done…several times. The eccentric mom has already been done. It’s sad you are using your children the way you do. You aren’t much of a parent so I guess it’s understandable.”


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Braunwyn clapped back, responding, “I doubt myself a lot, but being an amazing mom is something I’ve never questioned, it’s also something only a stranger would say, those that know me, know this, it’s okay though, you’ve never met me and have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m just a character to you.” I guess we will see if Braunwyn is right about this being a different season. Hopefully, for the sake of RHOC fans, an even better one.


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