Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Insist Mischa Barton Is Not “Boring” In Response To Rumors That She Got Fired From The Hills For Being Dull

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Mischa Barton as a cast member on The Hills: New Beginnings was a random plant to begin with.  She wasn’t part of the original crew, or spouse of an OG Hills cast member.  And it was unclear from the start what her connection really was with the rest of the group.  She had a friendship with a few of the girls but no intertwining story line.  Mischa’s only noteworthy moment was confronting Perez Hilton for his body-shaming campaign against her many years before she joined this show.

So perhaps it comes as no surprise that Mischa is rumored to be replaced by Caroline D’Amore, aka DJ D’Amore.  Or simply, a pizza heiress.  Mischa denied any firing and threw some shade at Caroline in a spirited IG post.  Now, costars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Pratt are coming to Mischa’s defense claiming that she belongs on the show.

Spencer cites that Instagram post from last week as proof that Mischa can bring the drama.  According to an interview from toofabhe said, “I don’t know, seems like she’ll all up in the drama on Instagram, I saw an amazing post…not amazing if you’re Caroline, but as a fan of drama she sure went in.  Did you see that?”

Heidi shared her thoughts on Mischa and Caroline saying, “I thought they were friends.  I guess I was wrong.”


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So what did Mischa say about Caroline?  She posted, “as if anyone would watch @carolinedamore try to hoc her boring ass pasta bowls and greasy pizza on TV.  Tried that it was like watching paint dry.”

Spencer explained how this one-liner is a reason to keep Mischa on the show.   “I don’t think she’s out of play,” Spencer said, “I think maybe season 1 we didn’t get to see the Mischa that we got to see off camera.  A little bit on Instagram we saw.  So I still have hope that Mischa will be that Mischa we saw on Instagram.”


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Heidi believes putting Mischa and Caroline together in front of cameras would be reality TV gold.  She opined that, “it looks like a catfight.  I think that those two would be very interesting having them in a setting together.”

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what Mischa is like off-camera if she can’t bring it to the show.  But Spencer is convinced that Mischa just needs a chance to shine.  “The story was that she was off the show for being too boring, because Mischa is definitely not boring,” he opined, “maybe the cameras just didn’t get real Mischa.  We saw that Mischa a lot when the cameras weren’t rolling on the show.”


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The Hills: New Beginnings is to return one June 22nd, if Covid-19 doesn’t derail production.


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