Southern Charm Alum Thomas Ravenel Says “China Created Coronavirus By Eating Bats”

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Thomas Ravenel always focused on the appearance of being a southern gentleman.  It worked in the short term.  He certainly looked the part when cast on Southern Charm.  But despite the family name, money, exquisite plantation, and love of polo, Thomas could only hold up the facade for so long.

Now, Thomas is courting controversy yet again.  In a small way, because avoiding conflict is not this man’s forte.  It simply wasn’t enough to be sent to jail for cocaine distribution and be accused of assault multiple times.  Now Thomas is pushing PC boundaries by making insensitive remarks on social media.  Again.  No, he’s not fat-shaming anyone this time.  And what is the subject du jour?  Coronavirus!

Thomas took to his Twitter earlier this week to share his pearls of wisdom about the disease’s origin and geo-politics.  He wrote, “is it not nasty enough that China created the Coronavirus by eating bats, but then they blame everything on the US Military even though their communist govt made it all much worse with their refusal to inform the rest of the world?”

Thomas seems to be referring to the theory that the disease originated with an animal to human transmission.  Bats and pangolins are known to carry the virus, and both species were sold for consumption at the Wuhan Wet Market.


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Most followers were critical of the statement.  It was suggested that Thomas stop following right-wing talking points.  Thomas jumped in once to defend himself by answering, “So my calling them out for blaming our Military is racist?  You’re a fucking idiot.”

People of Asian origin have been suffering from racially-based attacks around the world since the outbreak started.  Politicians and journalists are careful with their words when discussing Covid-19.  Maybe Thomas is better off sipping bourbon and practicing social distancing, from Twitter.   


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