Bethenny Frankel Says Coronavirus Relief Brought Her Closer To Boyfriend Paul Bernon

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Bethenny Frankel is once again on the front lines of a crisis. Since her departure from Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny has worked harder than ever to make sure her BStrong Foundation is ready to help those in need. We all remember the good work she did for the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, which was featured on the show. Now she’s doing the same for those suffering during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not hard to see how we are affected by this coronavirus. Many of us are quarantined and spending way more time with our families than we are used to. Of course, it’s a blessing to be able to slow down and pay better attention to the ones we love but I also can’t judge those who are already feeling the strain of all this extra face to face time. I keep hearing about how we are going to have a baby boom nine months from now but I’m also wondering how many relationships are going to go south over this stressful time. One relationship that isn’t suffering? Bethenny and her boyfriend, Paul Bernon.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, Bethenny talks about how the coronavirus has brought them closer. She starts by sharing that she was hoping they could be together but with all the current recommendations, that couldn’t happen. “Paul is in Boston and I debated going to him last night but I feel — and I’ve told all my friends and I’ve given the advice based on lockdowns and being near your kids — we need to be at home where we feel the safest and the most comfortable.” 

She continued, “Anxieties are at a high and I need to do my own routine and I need to be closest to my child and I need to have my backyard and my dogs and my things I can touch. He’s working on helping me with Mass General and Boston efforts, and what’s interesting is we’re not together but this has brought us closer than ever.” It’s nice to hear that he’s so involved in her efforts to provide help through her organization. 


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Bethenny goes on to say, “You’re closer to the people that you can’t be with [because] you’re feeling like you want to talk to them and FaceTime them and you miss them,” she explained.

Bethenny continued, “So we are closer than ever, but I want to go there. It’s just we’re both sort of panicked, if I go and I can’t leave and it’s not rational because I’m sure I’d be able to leave, but you want to just feel in your safe place at the moment.” I think there are a lot of people out there that might be in a similar situation and can relate. 


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It’s times like these that either bring people together or tear them apart. It seems like Bethenny and Paul have a solid foundation to get through this together while helping so many people in the process.


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