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Love Is Blind Producer Claims Kenny Barnes Backtracked To Save Face After Kelly Chase Dumped Him; Promises Kenny Would Have Said “I Do” If Kelly Did

It was pretty shocking on the Love is Blind finale when Kelly Chase ditched Kenny Barnes at the altar. Sure, we didn’t see a ton of their relationship. However, their families really hit it off and most fans assumed they didn’t get much screentime because they had such a solid relationship.

After the show aired, and the cast was allowed to do press, the former couple claimed that they planned to break up at the altar with the intention to date after. Allegedly, they wanted to still be together, but didn’t want to get married after knowing each other for a month. Understandable. However, one of the Love Is Blind producers has a totally different perspective on Kenny and Kelly.

In an interview with Metro, producer Chris Coelen insisted that no one had to go through with the wedding unless they wanted to. It sure didn’t seem that way, as a viewer, to be honest. He told the website, “We don’t have to legislate what that is. If Jessica [Batten], for instance, had decided not to go through with the wedding, she didn’t have to. She took off her ring during the experiment. Nobody made her do that, nobody told her to put it back on. That was her decision.”

Then, he shaded Kenny and Kelly for never consummating their engagement. The producer said, “Nobody told anybody they had to sleep together, they did. Ultimately Kenny and Kelly did not.” Oh, we know. Poor, Kenny. He really seemed heartbroken during that finale.


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Chris continued, “We really want to see their authentic journey, and I think you see the real emotion from both Kenny and Kelly when you watch the show. You see their genuine emotion.”

So what about the claims that they planned to break up and that Kenny wasn’t actually blindsided by Kelly’s decision to split during their wedding ceremony? The producer said, “I think that people like to sometimes engage in revision of history because they feel embarrassed or conflicted. They want to save face, or whatever. [They say], ‘No, it didn’t mean anything to me.'” That’s definitely possible.


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The producer doubled down with his theory. He even claimed, “I know for a fact that Kenny would have said ‘I do’ if Kelly had said ‘I do,’ on that day. I know, because I was there, that Kenny was extremely upset, as you see on the show.” We sure did.


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