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If you’ve watched Love Is Blind, you will know that the most controversial couple by far was Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack. They had a strong connection and a sweet story. Their proposal was adorable and I truly think everyone was rooting for them. And then it all went wrong. Carlton slipped a ring on Diamond’s finger and they jetted off to Mexico for a very short-lived honeymoon of sorts.

It was there that Carlton revealed his bisexuality to a surprised Diamond. She asked for time to process and they didn’t sleep in the same room that night. While it looked promising the next day when they went pool-side to talk, things quickly spiraled out of control. Carlton threw the ring in the pool, called her a bitch and rightfully ended up getting a drink thrown in his face. If it wasn’t so sad and shocking, I would have been so excited about that drink throw. It’s always been a dream of mine but enough about me. Carlton seemed ill-equipped for the pressures of reality TV but it turns out that this isn’t his first foray into the scene.

People is reporting that Carlton was on an episode of one of my favorite Housewives franchises, Real Housewives of Atlanta. If there is something I love more than reality TV, it’s when those worlds collide. On the RHOA season premiere that aired in 2012, Carlton was Cynthia Bailey’s assistant. He helped her with a casting call for JET magazine’s “Beauty of the Week” event. When a new housewife on the scene named Kenya Moore showed up, she stirred up plenty of trouble from the get-go. She referred to one model as “coochie crack” and that set Carlton off.

“I just think there is a respectful way,” Carlton said. “For some of them, this is their first time modeling. I don’t think you should be like —.” Kenya interrupted, asking why he was talking to her. Carlton was unmoved, saying, “Who are you? Because I’ve never met you.” We all know this is that last thing you want to say to Kenya, since she was extra hopped up on her “fame” and Beyonce mistaken identity run ins.


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The confrontation escalated quickly, with Kenya telling Carlton to “step off” then calling her security to have him removed. Some things never change! When her security tried to escort Carlton out of the building, Cynthia intervened and convinced them to let him stay.

Carlton then told security, “Tell your little b— that.” I remember this scene well because who could forget Kenya saying “coochie crack” over and over again? But what makes me extra excited about all this is that Carlton, a celeb in his own right now, was standing up to Kenya all the way back then.


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