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Married At First Sight Recap- Fight or Flight?

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight  it seemed like there was no limit to the drama. These people argued so much that I needed a cocktail and a break after watching. At this point, it’s a wonder why half of these people even continue to show up for filming.

After one couple reaches the end of the road in their marriage, the remaining four couples go on a retreat. Close quarters force them to confront their issues. Tempers flare as the clock winds down to Decision Day.

Derek & Katie

Married At First Sight Recap- Fight or Flight?

It’s been several days since Derek Sherman took Katie Conrad to his childhood home and she is STILL upset about a poem he wrote in high school.  Chile, please! On the way to the retreat, she admits she is insanely insecure. You, think? Always the nice guy, Derek encourages his wife and reminds her she is valuable. Girl, are you trying to run this guy off for good?

Katie confides in Jessica Studer about her concerns about her communication with Derek. Jessica tries to be the voice of reason, but Katie chalks up their problems to they don’t “vibe well.” Meanwhile, Derek is confused by Katie’s actions at times. He feels like sometimes she doesn’t want to fight but other times she creates conflict. Yes, that is what we call a drama queen.

Married At First Sight Recap- Fight or Flight?

Katie has a full-fledged tantrum when Derek is friendly with the other couples, namely Taylor Dunklin. She actually storms out of the kitchen when Derek advises Austin Hurd not to say “I love you” before he is ready. Instead of admitting she is just upset because she hasn’t forced him to tell her everything she wants to hear, she continues to sabotage her marriage. This woman is crazy!

Derek is a good guy and she can’t even see it. I’m sure if she acts like this in every relationship, every man has run from her. She even went off on him because he wasn’t comfortable having sex while she was on her period, citing that it is what married couples do. Haven’t these people known each other for mere weeks?

The next morning, Katie appears to be sane again. Derek dutifully apologizes for not making her feel like a priority around other people. She also apologizes for getting jealous and starting an argument. Derek, runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! You will be dealing with this level of crazy for the rest of your life.

Brandon & Taylor

Married At First Sight Recap- Fight or Flight?

Brandon Reid and Taylor just made up and there is already another issue. Apparently, she was supposed to meet with friends briefly the other night, but ended up staying the night at a hotel. Always the passive-aggressive, instead of admitting he is upset, Brandon opts to just ignore his wife the entire ride to the retreat.

Brandon and Taylor arrive at the house and its obvious he isn’t thrilled to be “trapped” with his wife and the other couples. As soon as they see some of the ladies, there is tension in the air. Taylor admits to the other women after some prodding that she and Brandon have not been intimate. Hmmm…  No wonder he is so uptight.

Married At First Sight Recap- Fight or Flight?

After not interacting the entire night, Taylor tries to cuddle up with her husband. Brandon is still upset that his wife behaves like a single woman. Finally, he tells her why he is upset. She immediately gets defensive and starts yelling and cursing. WOW… A different side of Taylor has reared her ugly wig head.

Instead of calmly discussing the issue, she calls Brandon a “bitch” and screams over him. Well… that escalated quickly. He is so upset that begins taking his mic off, despite the Married At First Sight producers trying to prevent him from doing so. I actually have to give it to Brandon. He stayed calm and in control of his emotions while he was berated and disrespected by Taylor.

Now, ma’am, we had your back until tonight when you appeared unhinged and guilty. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Brandon is right in this situation.  When you are married you don’t get to just go out every night and sleep outside of your home anymore. It’s a sacrifice you make when you unite with another person.

Whew chile, I spoke too soon. Brandon begins to unravel quickly when he gets in a heated argument with Married At First Sight production. When he returns to the room to pack, Taylor attempts to plead with him after she cursed at him only moments before. She follows him into the bathroom to try to explain the situation without the cameras.

It’s too little too late. He decides it’s best for him to leave. Taylor, you are not innocent. You are slow to apologize and quick to let your behavior dictate how apathetic you are towards your marriage.

Married At First Sight Recap- Fight or Flight?

After failing to leave the night before, Brandon attempts to leave with Michael Watson the next morning. But drama ensues when he feels like Married At First Sight production is setting him up. The staff offered him a ride into Washington D.C., but like a child, Brandon locks himself in the car. Even Michael wasn’t allowed into the car for fear he was a part of the plot. SMH… Brandon, I gave you a little bit of credit and you turn around and act like an ass all over again. Eventually, Michael and Brandon are driven off the property.

Austin & Jessica

Married At First Sight Recap- Fight or Flight?

Jessica opens up to Katie about her disappointment in Austin not telling her about how much he travels for work early on. Meanwhile, Austin speaks with Derek about how he thinks the few issues he had in his marriage has made them.

Although Jessica and Austin have no major issues, the group and their problems begin to affect their sense of peace. In order to get away from the drama, the pair attends a cavern tour.  This is probably the first time I truly appreciated seeing them be boring. There was so much crazy that I finally could appreciate a nice normal couple. The others made my head hurt the entire episode.

Meka & Michael

Married At First Sight Recap- Fight or Flight?

Watching Meka Jones and Michael drive to the retreat and discuss how terrible their relationship is for the 50th time, even made me uncomfortable. Someone please throw the whole marriage away. There is no fixing this at all.  When they arrive at the house, they both ignore one another as if they are strangers. Things are so bad that at the end of the night, Meka asks Michael to sleep in another room.

The next morning Meka learns Michael is leaving the retreat and going to Washington D.C. to make some arrangements for his uncle’s funeral. This action only seems to make her feel that he isn’t ready to be a husband. She has no idea when he is returning or if he intends on even coming back. Just break up already!

Michael is still missing, so Meka decides to invite Taylor to a paranormal experience activity they had planned.  I guess since both are the only abandoned wives, it only makes sense they would hang out. I hope these people had a disclaimer it was for entertainment purposes only. That activity was faker than a $4 bill.

Michael finally returns to the retreat despite his counterpart Brandon’s decision not to return. While grilling with the other guys, he expresses his frustration that Meka appears not to care about his uncle’s funeral.

As dinner progresses, tempers flare when it becomes apparent that Michael may not have been truthful about leaving for funeral preparations. Meka calls him out in front of everyone and lists this as another example of everything that is wrong with their marriage. This is ridiculous! I would feel like I was sleeping with the enemy if I had to doubt EVERYTHING my partner said. 


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