Tiger King Star Jeff Lowe Says Carole Baskin Reported A Meat Grinder Stolen Around The Time Then-Husband Don Lewis Died

Tiger King is the gift that keeps on giving. Usually when a show is over, we have covered all the bases and there is only so much we can say. But not Tiger King. Every day, more and more comes out. A lot of that is due to Carole Baskin and all the wild accusations that she killed her former husband, Don Lewis. The docuseries certainly covered it but since it’s been over, seems like we are just getting started.

Carole maintains her innocence and vehemently denies she had anything to do with Don’s death. So does her current husband, Howard Baskin. But they seem to be the only ones that are claiming her innocence. At this point, it’s hard to ignore all the stories coming out against her.

One such story is brought to you by the colorful character, Jeff Lowe. In my opinion, he doesn’t seem like the most reliable source of information,. Plus, he’s a highly biased one at that. But he does have a lot to say and it’s definitely worth giving pause. Jeff is now offering  up his theory on Carole’s motive to kill Don.

He recently told  Entertainment Tonight“I think she discovered that he was going to leave her.” He continues, “And she was not about to let that happen. She was a street savvy young lady who had decided that she needed to protect her lifestyle.” 


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Jeff isn’t the only one who feels this way. Don’s attorney and friend, Joe Fritz, came out saying he thinks something was amiss with Don’s disappearance. In the documentary, people close to Don claim that his marriage to Carole was on the rocks when he disappeared. It was also alleged that Carole threatened his life, resulting in Don seeking a restraining order against her.

It was rejected by a Judge. But both Don’s first wife Gladys, along with his former assistant, Anne McQueen, say that Carole altered his will. The documentary mentioned this, alleging that Carole changed the will, cutting out his family and Anne. A large part of his estate was originally left to both parties. They all believe that Carole used Don’s disappearance to take control of his vast fortune.


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Jeff also believes that Carole used a meat grinder to cut up Don’s body so she could feed him to the tigers. As if this whole story isn’t gross enough. He asserts, “We’ve heard certain things; we’ve heard names of who people think helped her.”

Jeff continues, “You know, the meat grinder that they showed in the [docuseries], she scoffed at the fact that Don could be put through a meat grinder that was four inches. That’s not the meat grinder that we know that she had. And we’ve been told that there’s a police report someplace in Hillsborough County, where Carole filed claiming that one of her buildings was broken into and her meat grinders were stolen.” 


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Jeff’s wife, Lauren Lowe, agrees, “You can’t make this stuff up.” Indeed. And this isn’t over. Sheriffs are currently asking for leads in Don’s disappearance


[Photo Credit: Netflix]