Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage Says Joe Doesn’t Know Footage Of Travis Maldonado’s Death Was Included In Tiger King; Says It Shouldn’t Have Been Shown

One of the hardest parts to watch in Tiger King was the untimely death of Joe Exotic’s husband, Travis Maldonado. Travis was Joe’s fourth husband and met him as a 19 year old kid. As featured in the series, he married Joe in a strange wedding ceremony that included Joe’s third husband, Joe Finlay. If you watched the series, you know it was quite the event.

Despite the happy looking couple(s), there were deep troubles at the G.W. Zoo. The documentary alleges that Travis was fighting his own personal demons and drug addiction. This is a claim Joe denies but it was hard not to think there was some truth to it after seeing the series. Sadly, the culmination of chaos ended in Travis accidentally shooting himself, which resulted in his death. While Travis’ actual death wasn’t shown (thank goodness), the security footage from the moment it happened was shown to a stunned audience watching the series. But not everyone knew about this being featured.

Dillon Passage, the husband Joe met and married mere months after Travis’ death is speaking out on this now. According to Dillon, Joe, who is serving a 22 year sentence behind bars, hasn’t seen the documentary. But Dillon and Joe’s friends have kept him in the know. However, Joe has no idea that Travis’ death footage was included.

Dillon tells Entertainment Tonight“I feel like some things shouldn’t have been shown in the docuseries, like Travis’ accident in the office.”


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Dillon explains,“I feel like that was very personal to Joe and that it was used for an emotional purpose and to get people more drawn in to the show. I don’t think that’s fair to Travis. He probably would not have wanted that put all over the world… And I didn’t tell [Joe] that it was in there. I feel like he’s definitely gonna be upset about it, so it’s best that he doesn’t know.”

Dillon says that Joe has no regrets about appearing in the series. He says,“He knows how popular it is. He has guards showing him all the memes and he absolutely loved it. He’s glad that his story’s out there.” It sounds like in this case, fame comes at a steep price.


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