Married At First Sight Recap- Until Decision Day Do We Part

After watching absolutely crazy season of Married At First Sight, full of highs and low, decision day is finally here! Get your snacks or cocktails and let’s discuss last night’s episode. I’m not going to lie; there are at least a few couples that I need to break up for their sanity and mine as well. We have watched everything from emotional cheating, forced chemistry, freak outs to awkward romantic moments. Get ready for some surprise decisions, you didn’t see coming!

The eight-week experiment has finally come to an end.  The five couples sit down with the experts to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce.  Some couples have their eyes on the future, while other couples are determined to get answers about the past. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Austin & Jessica

Married At First Sight Recap- Until Decision Day Do We Part

Jessica Studer is regretting her incessant nagging the day before as she gets ready for decision day. Whew, I don’t know if Austin Hurd is totally prepared for a nag and control freak, that isn’t his mom for the rest of his life. I feel like he is just going to snap and scream “I don’t want to go to sleep early” one day. Once they meet with the experts they both shower one another with glowing compliments. Everything seems perfect, until they are asked about the challenges they have faced. Surprisingly, they both are open about their communication issues and Austin’s travel schedule.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think traveling for work is a huge deal. Austin seems loyal and trustworthy, so she needs to relax a tad bit. If she was married to Zach Justice I could totally understand why she would freak out. As predicted, Austin and Jessica decide to stay married. I think everyone saw that coming. The only shocking part was when Austin finally admitted he loved his wife. Yay! I’m so happy for this couple. If they didn’t stay married there was literally no hope for anyone else.

Brandon & Taylor

Married At First Sight Recap- Until Decision Day Do We Part

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin’s relationship has undoubtedly been an emotional roller coaster, this season. There were so many ups and downs it was hard to keep up with their relationship status, day to day. Taylor arrives first to meet with the experts. She becomes emotional thinking about how her husband has placed his standoff with production above their marriage.  While Taylor is pouring out her heart, a cavalier Brandon walks in and admits he thought about not showing up.  He also gives more insight about the day he left the retreat. Apparently, Brandon blames production for making him late for his job twice. The only reason he came to the meeting is because he received the apology he demanded.

When Pastor Calvin Roberson calls him out on his behavior, Brandon jumps up and leaves to go to the bathroom. I almost spit out my cocktail when Pastor Calvin asked Brandon does he have incontinence. The experts are incensed by his lack of respect for anyone else’s time. They even question why Taylor keeps trying. Brandon finally returns and the experts are so done with his nonsense, they just ask “what is your decision.” When Taylor confesses she doesn’t think things will work, Brandon storms out stating “I’m over it.” Well, I can’t say I am surprised by the outcome even if we didn’t have an advanced spoiler. Anyone with eyes could see that this relationship was doomed. Hopefully Brandon grows up and Taylor gets rid of her cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz wig.

Meka & Michael

Married At First Sight Recap- Until Decision Day Do We Part

Now we are getting to the good stuff!  The first two couples were pretty obvious decisions. Michael Watson and Meka Jones are a bit more in the air. It would be very simple for me, drop him like a bad habit! There is nothing worse than a habitual liar. Pastor Calvin asks Michael about his issue and he doesn’t see it as a problem but more of a necessity in difficult times. Umm… no, you can’t talk your way out of this. Meka admits she didn’t feel like she had a normal marriage until 2 days prior. Michael claims he learned that he can no longer rely on his bad habits as an individual in a marriage. Sorry, too little too late for me. You can see the sweat dripping for Michael’s temple from nervousness while Meka speaks.

Thankfully, Meka makes the right decision and kicks Michael to the curb. She feels that there has been too much dishonesty and doubts in their marriage to remain married. Despite Meka’s decision, Michael is visibly disappointed and wants to remain married. Hopefully, he learns a valuable lesson from this experience. He is way too old to think this type of behavior is normal or would be acceptable to anyone. Please seek therapy ASAP Michael!


Derek & Katie

Married At First Sight Recap- Until Decision Day Do We Part

I am looking forward to finding out whether Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman will stay together. In my opinion, Derek can do so much better. Life is way too short to have an insecure freckle faced woman beating you down emotionally every day. Derek grew up watching his parents fight constantly,  I fear he would  suffer the same fate, if he stays with Katie. After watching Katie speak negatively about Derek to anyone who would listen she finally has some nice things to say about him. Despite the compliments, she reveals they don’t have a real emotional connection or passion.

For some reason, Derek wants to stay married to his wife. He feels that he can grow to love her abuse. Katie feels her and Derek’s relationship only feels like a friendship, but she isn’t ready to give up. Chile please! I really hope Derek watches this season and sees how self-indulged his wife truly has been this entire season. It’s possible she created a negative image of her husband just to save face in case he decided to leave her. SMH…


Mindy & Zach

 Married At First Sight Recap- Until Decision Day Do We Part

Although Mindy Shiben already called off their marriage, the experts decided to still have them participate in decision day. This is the first time they have seen each other, since they decided to separate. Pastor Calvin comes right out and asks Zach what we all have been thinking “Did you get married at first sight just to be on TV?” I don’t need to hear this fool talk in circles to know that is true. Of course, now that the experiment has come to an end, he chooses to say he wishes he moved into the apartment. Insert eye roll emoji. This guy is only trying to save his image, now that they world has seen he is shallow and a jerk. Mindy is so much more confident now that she has walked away from the marriage. She is glowing and admits that she is now focusing on herself and is happy. Thank goodness! The preview made it appear that she may have had some regrets. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Zach!  Go play with your hair, rather than women’s feelings.


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