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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 21 Recap: The Final Decision

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight wrapped up the season well. But I have a feeling that there so much more that has been left unsaid. This is definitely a cast that I need an update on. We now know all the couple’s decisions and where they want to see themselves in the near future. But it’s clear that there is a lot more tea that needs to be spilled.

With the final couple’s decision being made, the newly married and newly divorced begin anew. Some decisions don’t sit well with some. While others are open to the prospects of new love matches in their future. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole and Kirsten shop for furniture while they catch up on their lives post decision day. Originally, she and Chris planned on staying in their separate apartments. But Nicole has opted to spend every night Chris’ home. In her words, he has the bigger bed, so it made more sense. I knew Nicole was not going to accept feeling single again. I don’t think Chris would have been able to have a day of peace, if Nicole didn’t get her wish of staying together.

Chris surprises Nicole with paperwork to move into a larger apartment together in his current apartment building. Nicole wants to eventually have a shared account for bills, but she decides not to push the issue, just yet. She shares her own surprise, when she shows him the paperwork in order to officially change her last name. Chris mentioned that he would like her to do so in the past, but because he didn’t pressure her she is even more willing to do it.

Airris & Jasmine

The morning after decision day, Airris and Jasmine begin to pack up all of their belongings to return home. In an interview, Jasmine shares she has no regrets.  But the only thing she will do differently in her next relationship is voice how she feels in the moment. Airris seems more concerned with the ability to maintain a relationship with her dog, than her. Later, Jasmine explains why her marriage ended to her aunt.  Jasmine believes that Airris was never truly ready to be married. Her aunt is confused how any man would deny her precious niece. Sigh! Obviously, Jasmine wasn’t telling her family what was really going on in that household. That makes me sad that she endured so many ups and downs without support.

Airris has wasted no time wanting to get back out on the dating scene. He even asks one of his female friends if she will set him up with some of her friends. He rambles off his wish list for his new matchmaker and encourages her to hurry to find someone new for him. Sigh! I don’t think Airris wants to be married. Maybe he wants to date and have fun or maybe have a steady girlfriend. I am just not quite sure if his true intentions are marriage.

Mackinley & Domynique

Mackinley wants to finally move out of his friend’s family home and move into his own. He tours a home that Kirsten helped him find. Although it is out of his price range, he feels confident that he will find the right place for him in the future. For some reason, Mackinley and Domynique make a reappearance for a group dinner for the cast. She shares with the group that she decided to get a dog and that is the only love she needs right now. Mackinley is shocked based on her previous comments about his dog and her lifestyle.

Clint & Gina

As Clint and Gina begin to close this chapter in their lives, they reflect on the good things that they got out of their experience. Gina feels she has grown stronger and more resilient. Clint may not have left the experiment with a wife, but he did ultimately gain a step-dog that his soon to be ex-wife promises to let him continue to visit. I don’t think anyone is surprised by the outcome of this marriage. It was obvious that Gina just really didn’t care for Clint’s antics and personality.

At a group dinner, Nicole shocks Clint when she suggests that Gina and Mackinley go out on a date. Sigh! Nicole really? I know that Gina and Clint are going to get a divorce, but it’s kind of rude and awkward to bring up in front of her current husband and a group of people. But from their reaction, there may be a date or some phone conversations between Mackinley and Gina in the near future.

Shaquille and Kirsten

Last week, we were left on a cliffhanger when Kirsten chose to stay married. Producers made us wait until this week to hear Shaq’s decision. He claims it’s been a struggle to be a leader in their marriage and felt alone a lot of the time. Ultimately, he decides to get a divorce for these reasons. Kirsten feels that their time together has been too short to truly know if their marriage could work. This is one of the couples that I thought would get a divorce. But there were also signs that things could possibly go differently. Shaq’s mind was made the day that Kirsten told him she expected him to buy her a house and pay all the bills. I think the divorce is for the best, but the experts were visibly shocked. Pastor Calvin Roberson even said he didn’t see Shaq getting anything better. LMAO, the shade!

Kirsten chose to move all of her belongings apart from Shaq. While Shaq packs he reflects on his marriage and realizes something was always missing. Meanwhile, Kirsten meets with one of her friends and expresses frustration with having to go back into the single scene. She is clearly still upset that Shaq dared not to stay with her. Shaq tells his friends he would like to begin a friendship with Kirsten and maybe something could evolve from there. Kirsten isn’t the type to forgive easily when she was slighted publicly. She confirms this at dinner with everyone when asked was the door closed.


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