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Margaret Josephs Calls Danielle Staub A “Virus”; Thinks Coronavirus Will Make Real Housewives “Appreciate Each Other More”

Last season of Real Housewives of New Jersey was epic on so many levels. There was the altercation in a clothing boutique, courtesy of Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub. Margaret poured water on Danielle’s head. Then Danielle dumped out the contents of Margaret’s purse into a lit candle.

Before leaving the shop, Danielle grabbed Margaret’s ponytail and gave it a vicious yank. That looked incredibly painful. In the wildest moment of the RHONJ season, Danielle revealed to Melissa Gorga that Danielle’s bestie Teresa Giudice told Danielle to pull Margaret’s hair.

Yes–Teresa was caught by Bravo cameras encouraging Danielle to get up close and personal with Margaret’s hair. Teresa ended her relationship with Danielle when Danielle exposed Teresa’s role in the incident.

Does Danielle regret putting her hands on Margaret? Not at all. According to toofab, Danielle said, “And I don’t remember, I saw red. My only regret is not doing it sooner! And having somebody tell me to do it.” Wow!


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In an interview with HollywoodLife, Margaret discussed how the coronavirus outbreak, and other types of viruses, have affected the RHONJ cast. So, who has Margaret stayed in contact with during her time quarantined at home?

“I speak to Dolores [Catania] every day. I always speak to Melissa [Gorga], I speak to Jackie [Goldschneider],” Margaret shared. Teresa [Giudice] and I always keep in touch.” She added,  “I don’t keep in touch as much with Jennifer [Aydin], but of course during this pandemic, we have texted each other.”


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Margaret added, “I think we all really love each other and care about each other. I do think this pandemic will change that. I think we’re going to appreciate each other more. Maybe not harp on each other and let things go a little quicker and not take things as seriously.”

Margaret stated that there will still be plenty of drama on the upcoming Season 11, but she also thinks that the pandemic has shifted things in the Housewives’ universe. “I think we’ve got rid of –like I said before– one virus,” Margaret stated. Are your ears burning, Danielle? “I think it’s going to be different probably for every franchise. I think after this will be different.”


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Wow- if your former co-star is comparing you to the coronavirus, it really is time to move on. “Hopefully our drama will be more lighthearted, and we’ll cut each other a break, I’m hoping for that in the future that it can be more fun drama and not as deep,” Margaret shared.

And finally, in a move that surprised no one, Danielle announced in January that she was leaving RHONJ for good. Let’s face it, Danielle had no one left to film with after all her antics. Once Teresa decided to cut ties with the woman who caused her to flip a table in Season 1, Danielle had no options. The New Jersey ladies were relieved to shut that chapter, especially Margaret.


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