Evidence Surfaces That 90 Day Fiance Star Ash Naek Plagiarized His Seminar Speech

Ash Naek is self-imploding a bit during his scenes with Avery Warner on 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days.   Avery is asking the tough questions finally and Ash would rather give glossy, pre-packaged answers.  Maybe that worked on brief video-chats but in person, it’s hard to keep that pretense up.  Ash’s true intentions with Avery are a bit sketchy.  At the very least, he really does not seem to want to move to America despite giving her the impression that he would.

Ash’s “professional” life is another mystery.  Avery is still trying to suss out the scope of his interactions with female clients.  Ash’s “seminar” was quite a curiosity to watch and he buckled under the pressure, which is nothing new.  It just happens in varying degrees.  But the questionable statements and poor presentation may not be the only issues with the seminar.

A clip has been circulating social media comparing Ash’s speech with that of another motivational speaker.  If you listen to the video, it is clear that Ash plagiarized his speech, just without the stage presence and comedic delivery.

It starts with a clip of Ash saying, “think of the brain of the man.  There’s boxes in his brain and each box represents something.”

Compare that with what the original speaker said, “now men’s brains are very unique.  Men’s brains are made up of little boxes.  And we have a box for everything.  Now women’s brains are very very different from men’s brains.  Women’s brains are made up of a big ball of wire.  And everything is connected to everything.”


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Then we come back to Ash, uncomfortable with his eyes bugging out of his head.  The audience is feeling the same.  “That’s why with men.  There is a box in their brain called the nothing box,” Ash said, “and we love to be in the nothing box.  Fishing, that’s why we can fish for such a long time.  For sometimes like five, six hours.”

The real motivator adds a touch of humor.  It’s like a comedy show merged with analogies.  The audience loves it.  He said this, “now men, we have a box in our brain that most women are not aware of.  This particular box has nothing in it.  In fact we call it the nothing box.  And of all the boxes a man has in his brain, the nothing box is our favorite box.  If a man has a chance, he’ll go to his nothing box every time. that’s why a man can do something seemingly completely brain dead for hours on end, you know like fishing.”


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Avery, head back home early.  This guy has nothing to offer except the ability to keep you up all night.  Will any legal repercussions follow?  Also, was this another reason Ash took a social media break?


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