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90 Day Fiance Star Baby Girl Lisa Denies Usman Umar’s Claim That She Contemplated Suicide

90 Day Fiance has provided fans a plethora of clearly mismatched couples for years now.  Whether it’s an issue of age difference, wealth disparity, or cultural norms, this show gets the mix just right for our endless viewing pleasure.

Sometimes, of course, cultural differences and misunderstandings can take a heavy turn.  Take Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme.  Lisa flew to Nigeria without any inkling about the country of the culture.  It let to unmanageable expectations and the two have been fighting non-stop.  Off-screen, the statements that Lisa and Usman make publicly indicate a huge misunderstanding in the foundation of their relationship.

Usman Umar (Sojaboy) publicly claimed that fiance Lisa had threatened to take her own life earlier in their relationship.

Since that interview, Lisa gave a statement to In Touch Weekly via a rep.  She firmly denies that she ever considered suicide.   “At no given time did Lisa state she would kill herself, for him or any other man,” the statement read, “she is a very independent woman.  Lisa doesn’t need Sojaboy.  She wants Sojaboy!  Suicide is something that should not be thrown around lightly.  Lisa has a beautiful family and would never do such a thing!”

Lisa explained why Usman would make such a statement.  Apparently, the two were at odds at the time.  She said, “at [the] time of [the] interview, Usman was angry at me and the world.”


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Usman was being interviewed for a podcast by radio host Angela Yee.  On the show, called Lip Service, Usman was asked if he is using Lisa for a green card.  He explained their relationship from the beginning.

“So when Lisa started telling me that she loves me, I was like OK,” Usman said,  “because this woman is always giving me this love stuff and if I say no that, she start crying.  And if you want to win my heart, if you want to force me to do anything, start crying.  I hate to see anybody cry.  So maybe she used that advantage, she started crying all the time and I say, ‘Ok, ok you love me?  I love you too and let’s move on.'”


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At this point, Usman brings up the alleged suicide attempt.  He continued, “so after some time, I was like, ‘This cannot continue.  We spent about one year, you telling me that you love, you love me.  And I was saying ‘I love you, I love you.’  But deeply, I know it’s not love.  I don’t love you for real honestly.  But I do that to make you happy.  So Lisa started trying to commit suicide, I was like ‘No.'”

Usman explained that he was guided by the teachings of Islam and indicated that he felt obligated to placate Lisa with his proclamations of love.  His father is an Imam.  And as a Muslim religious leader, advised Usman through religious teachings.  One text says that, “it is good for you to please somebody.”


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“It is better I tolerate her problems, all the headache that she’s giving me than for me to say I don’t love her and then she go and kill herself,” Usman concluded, “it’s better that I tolerate that then she live life than for me to say, ‘I don’t love you’ and for her to go and kill herself because of me.  So that is how it happened.”

The alleged suicide threat may or may not have happened, we cannot be sure.  But one thing is certain, this relationship was built on false pretenses.  Viewers of the show would hardly be surprised by that.


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