90 Day Fiance Star Deavan Clegg Considers Removing Her Kids From Social Media After Fans Critique Her Mothering

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee are one of a handful of 90 Day Fiance success stories.  What made their journey even more complex is that Deavan was the one to move out of the States.  Their scenes on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way highlighted some initial cultural differences and expectations that Deavan and Jihoon were able to overcome.  Now they are quite the happy family with their son Taeyang and Deavan’s daughter Drascilla.

Deavan gives fans updates on her life with cute pictures of her kids and their adventures in South Korea.  Of course, since EVERYONE on social media has an opinion, Deavan ends up having to defend herself for some oversight.  Whether it’s warranted or not is another matter.  Poor Deavan had another such incident yesterday.   This time, the issue was coronavirus safety.

Deavan posted a quick video of herself carrying Taeyang.  They are walking down an empty street.  Deavan is wearing a mask while Taeyang is not.  Despite saying in the video that Taeyang just took his mask off during an outing and they were simply walking back to her car, Deavan put on the spot again.

In response to negative comments, Deavan posted this statement under the original post.  She revealed that she is strongly considering removing her children from social media.


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Deavan wrote, “can you guys really shut the f*ck up about the mask and enjoy the video? This is exactly why I want to take my children off the internet anytime I share something cute you guys have to pick it apart. Can’t you all just enjoy the dam video? Or do you have to pick apart every little thing I do with my children?”

Deavan continued by explaining that Taeyang was wearing a mask until right before she filmed the clip.  She said, “my son’s safe they make baby mask here that he was wearing but took it off. You guys freak out when he doesn’t have one or you guys freak out when he goes have one.”


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Korea’s coronavirus response has been very organized and vigilante.  The country was able to stabilize their infection rate early on.  Deavan pointed out that America, by comparison, has done a poor job.  She wrote, “Korea is very safe! Our numbers are not even close to the numbers in America. I’ll worry about my kids and their health you guys worry about yours. I always hold my tongue but it’s really starting to piss me off. If you follow me to throw judgement get off my page.”

For the record, the CDC does not recommend children younger than 2 years of age wear face masks.


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