Kandi Burruss

From the time Kandi Burruss has joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta, her weight has been brought up many times. The ladies often make jokes about her always eating. There have even been times Kandi herself will even bring up always wanting to eat while the other ladies argue.

One thing we never have to worry about Kandi doing is hiding things from us. She has always been an open book when it comes to her life. Showing the ups and downs with her family, her marriage and even her business ventures. So it isn’t shocking that the long time housewife is sharing details about her plastic surgery journey.

Kandi has decided to set the record straight on what she has and has not done to her body. The Grammy Winner started getting work done before joining RHOA, she admits to liposuction and a boob job. Madame Noir reports that while Kandi was on her husband Todd Tucker’s YouTube cooking show, the two discussed about going under the knife.

The mom of 3 talks about her first procedure – “He curved my side, where your love handles are. I was kind of already in shape when I did it”. She decided to get liposuction done because who doesn’t want to flatten out their stomach?


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Kandi goes on to explain “I still looked the same, but he tightened the waistline area. You know how you work out as much as you can but it’s still that little bit in the love handle section that you just can’t get rid of? It was one of those type of things. He also took some fat from my lower back area. So, he curved my back a little bit more. He gave me a little bit more curve. It does give you more of a ‘pow’ look.”

She gives liposuction the credit for her curves, shutting down rumors that she has had fat transferred to other places. Kandi says, “Some people think, ‘Oh she must have done something to her butt.’ I never did anything to my butt,” The RHOA star did, however, get her boobs done after giving birth to her son Ace.


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She was not happy with the end results, “I had boob,s but they were sad,” she said. “They were saggin.’ They were still saggin’ even after. I put a little fat in my boobs, but that’s it. I never transferred anywhere else for those of you who’ve been trying to figure it out and make assumptions.”

The restaurant owner was happy with all the work she has had done until she started to gain weight in other places. Once she put on 10 -15lbs in 2 years to her midsection she thinks she started to look big. “All of a sudden, huge boobs, huge thighs, huge a–!” she said. “Everything was looking extra big and I think it was because when you do take fat out of your waist area, you can get bigger there, but not like you used to. It goes to other places.  I started noticing a little double chin.”


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Even with all of this Kandi is still open to continue to get work done in the future. This time it will not be to enhance anything, she wants to reduce a few things. “I want to get a breast reduction. They’re double Ds, and I need to get down to a C at best. I’ll go for a B, really,” she said.

Until then we can wait patiently until her next procedure. We can only hope that she will share it with us!


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