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NeNe Leakes & Kandi Burruss Fight Over Kandi Getting Another Spin-Off Show

Is there anything that NeNe Leakes isn’t mad about these days? Despite claiming that she’s on a “spiritual journey”, every time we turn around, she’s got beef with someone. If you’ve been watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know NeNe made co-star Kenya Moore her target this season. NeNe claimed to want to make things right in Greece and for a second, I actually thought that was going to happen. But when Kenya wasn’t ready to receive it, NeNe threw popcorn at her, made fun of her marital issues and even spit in her direction. Now, #spitgate is still kind of confusing – NeNe says she didn’t do it but the episode sure looked like she did. Either way, it was a new low for the woman who chipped a camera man’s tooth when he tried to film inside her closet.

The one person NeNe doesn’t seem to be having issues with (so far) this season is Kandi Burruss. And why should she? Kandi is always the peacemaker and tries very hard to stay out of everyone’s drama. Now that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get pulled in, but she does try to steer clear. It’s hard to imagine anyone having a real issue with Kandi right now but leave it to NeNe to make it happen.

We all know Kandi has long been the queen of the housewives spin-offs, having done three already. This doesn’t even include Xscape: Still Kickin’ It, in which she reunited with her former bandmates. But not everyone can handle Kandi’s hustle. HollywoodLife reports that in a recent Instagram Live tirade, NeNe went off about how she hasn’t been offered her own spin-off. I guess NeNe, like everyone else, forgot all about her wedding special.

NeNe says in the video, “I think my not having a show is due to certain people not wanting me to have a show. Why one person gets to do a show every season after our show, it’s weird. To me it looks really shady for one person season after season after season and none of these other girls gets to do anything. It feels like someone is afraid that they would be bigger than you are. A threat basically, which is so ridiculous and so thirsty of them. It makes no sense to me.”


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It’s true, NeNe didn’t name any names but I think it’s pretty obvious that she was talking about Kandi. And now Kandi has landed her fourth spin-off about the OLG restaurant, aptly titled Old Lady Gang. So Kandi has good reason to suspect NeNe is referring to her.

So Kandi shared the video with her feelings on the matter, which was captured by The Shade Room. The caption reads, “This video won’t be up long but I wanted to address this. So @neneleakes said on her live with @tamarbraxton that I misunderstood what she said on her Youtube…. Now I don’t know about y’all but on this video it sounded like a bunch of hating & blaming of ‘a certain person they keep giving a show to’ as the reason her show ideas aren’t happening. Am I trippin? Who is she talking about in this video then?”


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Kandi continued, “FYI I do not have the power to stop anyone from doing anything on Bravo. I show support to every project that my cast mates do. TV, business, or whatever they are doing I always post for them even if we don’t get along. I don’t understand the shade towards me. I stay in my lane & I’m not blocking anyone. Anyway, NeNe we can discuss this at reunion but since you talked about it on your live I figured I’d help the people get a little clarity on why I feel the way I feel.”

I wonder what NeNe has to say about that. Either way, I’m sure she won’t be quiet for long.


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