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Tiger King Star Joe Exotic Is Seeking A Pardon From President Donald Trump

There are a lot of things you can say about Tiger King star Joe Exotic. As the clear breakout star of the seven-part docu-series, Joe showed us all kinds of crazy. From his 2016 presidential run, to his cringe-y yet amazing music videos, Joe is a personality that is larger than life. He wanted fame above all else. And honestly, I wanted it for him. Sure, Joe has his faults, but there’s something so endearing about him. Or maybe I’ve just truly lost my mind during quarantine. We can’t be sure.

Even though Joe is now an international sensation, he tragically cannot enjoy this fame. Joe is currently serving a 22-year sentence on murder for hire charges against the now infamous Carole Baskin. Like many, I felt like Joe was set up in a way. Even Cardi B expressed her feelings on Joe’s prison sentence. “He will be free,” she promised. But Joe isn’t waiting around for to Cardi’s GoFundMe campaign to get him out of jail. Instead, Joe is going straight to the source himself: President Donald Trump

TMZ first reported that Joe Exotic has assembled his own legal team to get the ball rolling on this pardon. “Joe’s legal team out of Ft. Worth, Texas is preparing a case file that will be sent on to [Donald] Trump, claiming Joe was wrongly convicted for the murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin,” a source told TMZ. 

Now listen, as much as I like Joe, him wanting a pardon is definitely along the lines of his ambitions of holding official office. He’s over the top in every way, even while he’s holed up in a jail cell. TMZ also shared images of a massive bus wrapped in images of Joe’s face, a tiger, and “President Trump, Please Pardon Joe Exotic.” I mean, if he’s going to ask for a pardon, at least he’s doing it in style!


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Joe was very open on the show about his hate for Carole. He openly documented his hate on his Internet show for the world to see. Basically, Joe would tell anyone who would listen about how much he hated Carole and wanted to harm her. But even still, I point the blame at Jeff Lowe. He was the nail in the coffin. He totally set Joe up. If Joe hadn’t met Jeff and subsequently the alleged hitman Allen Glover, I’m not so sure he would be sitting in jail right now.

But Joe was also charged for his killing of tigers. Apparently, Joe’s lawyers think this was also some sort of scheme to paint Joe in a bad light to the jury. Basically, Joe and his lawyers are trying to undermine every charge against him to set him free. And this isn’t the only legal battle Joe is entangled in right now. He’s currently involved in a lawsuit against Jeff Lowe and he’s seeking a whopping $94,000,000. I seriously wonder where he got that number from.


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It’s honestly kind of amazing to see that Joe’s ambitions know no bounds. Even from a jail cell, he’s still larger than life. He’s still pursuing fame. He’s still entertaining us with his ridiculousness. We have to give him credit where credit is due.


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