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Jen Shah Shares Post Asking Fans To Pressure President Joe Biden To Pardon Jen From Fraud Allegations

Jen Shah continues to amaze me with her total detachment from reality. Sometimes, all of the drama surrounding Real Housewives of Salt Lake City almost makes me forget that Jen is about to be in court on trial for fraud and money laundering. Like, we all know that Jen was probably happy the moment Jennie Nguyen got exposed and fired from the show. It took the focus off of the horrible charges against her. Even during current episodes, when Jen makes digs at her co-stars or screams that she’s “not a criminal,” I momentarily cease to remember that this is a woman accused of stealing from elderly people. And she did so to fill her closet with jewels and fur coats. It’s almost too ridiculous to comprehend.

The red flags were there when looking at Jen’s track record. Aspects of her larger-than-life reality turned out to be nothing but smoke and mirrors. Some of her co-stars even admitted that Jen was vague and shady when it came to her business. Jen has a bad reputation around Salt Lake City — somehow even worse than her offensive tantrums on national TV.

Yet somehow, Jen is doing everything in her power to try to get out of these charges like it’s nothing. A judge rejected her request to dismiss the case after she claimed a Hulu documentary ruined her right to a fair trial. It also sounds like Stuart Smith might end up flipping on his former bestie boss. Her lawyers even quit at one point.

Meanwhile, Jen’s family even attempted to set up a GoFundMe to raise $2 million for Jen’s case, but that was a bust. Meanwhile, we’re watching RHOSLC scenes where Jen is seen one minute consoling her mother who is spending her retirement money in an attempt to help her daughter, and the next she’s bringing a glam squad to a girls’ weekend. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.


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Jen is following the footsteps of the reality stars before her who got in a little trouble with the law and attempted to get the sitting U.S. president to pardon them. Yes, it gets even harder to believe. Instagram user @realityvontease2 posted a screenshot of Jen’s Instagram story from a fan asking others to contact President Joe Biden and beg him to pardon her.

“@therealjenshah needs our help! Call or write @potus and beg him to pardon Jen Shah to ensure she is not wrongfully convicted! Remind President Biden That Jen Shah is innocent,” the post read. The fan also included a screenshot of ways to contact the White House. Who has the time to put effort toward trying to help JEN SHAH without getting paid from her? The feds allege that she’s an orchestrator in a massive and decades-long telemarketing scheme. SCAMS are involved here. I bet Heather Gay will email Joe Biden for Jen. Aside from that, no one in their right mind should.

I would believe that Meredith Marks really did call the feds on Jen before I’d believe that she will get pardoned. It didn’t work for Joe Giudice or Joe Exotic, so why Jen? Hopefully, Jen gets a grip during Season 3 of RHOSLC and grasps that she really is in danger of going to jail. So maybe she should stop the Erika Jayne-esque Instagram posts and start focusing on a game plan. But something tells me next season, she’ll still be preoccupied with everyone who isn’t as loyal as her No. 1 soldier Joe.


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