90 Day Fiance Star Ash Naek Defends Avery Miller As A Parent After Her Ex-Husband Posts “10 Truths” About Her

90 Day Fiance fans have not seem much of Avery Warner and Ash Naek as parents.  Of course, that aspect of their lives is not the focus of the show and, in the case of this couple, Avery traveled halfway around the world solo to see if a relationship with Ash was viable.  Then there are the exes.  These folks tend to come out of the woodwork once their former lovers are reality TV personalities and contradict the image presented by production and editing.

Avery is a mother to two daughters, but only her youngest, Sylver, was seen in the first episode.  Avery shares custody of a ten year old daughter with her ex-husband.  He, presumably, did not consent to her being filmed.  He also, presumably, objects to the way Avery is portrayed on the show.  The ex-husband created social media buzz by sharing a list called “10 Truths About Avery Warner.”  It details Avery’s alleged lack of involvement in her elder daughter’s life.

Avery was quick to respond to her ex-husband and called his statements lies.  Even Ash felt compelled to refute the accusations by posting to his “work” profile on Instagram.

According to an article from Soapdirt, Avery explained that she has two contrasting co-parenting situations with her exes.  While she has an “amazing relationship,” with Sylver’s father,  Avery has difficulties with the ex-husband.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the best relationship with her father.  I’ve never had,” Avery explained, “he’s just not a happy person inside.  It pains him to see that I live a life that is joyful and happy.”


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Avery fought for joint custody for her eldest for three and a half years.  She wanted full custody, but her prior run-ins with the law worked against her.  These include alcohol possession while under 21, and driving with a suspended license.

Ash described the lengths that Avery goes to see her daughter.  He said, “she moves heaven and earth to see her.”


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“She travels 4 hours (1 way) every 3, 4 weeks to see her eldest daughter,” Ash continued, “Avery expressed with me that she would do anything to see he more but if I am not mistaken, she is allowed to see her only on specified times.  I have also experienced occasions where the ex-husband didn’t let her see or talk to the eldest daughter.”

Ash explained why he felt the need to make his own statement.  He wrote, “reading the 10 truths about Avery written by her ex-husband, it is hard to sit on the side line and not voice myself.  I don’t know the ex husband but I know Avery and I have seen her care, love, support and fight for her kids.”


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“The 10 apparently truth are 100% questionable which may be taken as a form of defamation towards a public figure,” Ash said.

Ash  feels so strongly about Avery’s parenting skills that he spoke up to defend her even though they are not together anymore.

Avery is as a single parent an exemplary mum, loving, supportive and with the biggest heart,” Ash concluded, “I have no gains in this as it is no secret that we are no longer together after the info leak and the 100s of DM’s I receive on a daily basis around the topic.  But I’ve seen the girl take care of her loved ones and she is a mama bear who will give her life to protect her daughters.”


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