90 Day Fiance Star Ed Brown Accused Of Sexual Harassment By A Former Co-Worker

The prevalence of social media use has also changed reality TV.  Cast members can no longer hide any aspects of their past.  Public perception can be swayed in an instant, despite how someone was portrayed on the show.

Not that fans of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days had favorable opinions about Ed Brown.  At the very least, he was viewed as a bungling lover trying to woo a much younger girl.  That was uncomfortable enough to watch.  Add a layer of power dynamic in which Ed used fancy hotel rooms and luxury vacations to distract Rose Vega from some big lies that he told.  He always made her prove her “love” to him at the expense of her dignity.  If this behavior on camera wasn’t unsettling enough, Big Ed is now being confronted with a very real, and very serious accusation.

According to an article from Starcasm, a former co-worker is accusing Ed of sexual harassment.  The woman an only be identified through her Tik Tok usernames “Lordakeet” and “Lolosworld.”  She has been active on her account in the past about mental health and eating disorder issues.

Lordakeet accused Ed of sexually harassing her for a span of nine months.  She revealed that the trauma from the experience resulted in years of therapy.  They used to work together but Lordakeet is bound by a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and cannot give more information. She has posted videos on Tik Tok previously about being sexually abused but had not named her harasser, until now.

After seeing Big Ed on the show, Lordakeet felt compelled to speak out.  “The moment of finding out the man who sexually harassed me for 9 months has moved on to his next victim” she wrote, “..in front of all America. ”


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Another Tik Tok post read, “when you realize that creepy man was grooming you for 9 months [sic].”‘

But the big reveal happened on April 17 when Lordakeet crafted a video set to the Melanie Martinez song, “Play Date.”  A text is shown during the video that reads, “I would like to introduce you to the man who sexually harassed and assaulted me.  I’m done standing down.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Big Ed.”

The video, as of May 1st, has been viewed over 2.7 million times.  In a subsequent video, Lordakeet revealed that viewers have been supportive of her story.  She shared a message of thanks. “Hey guys, I just want to reach out and personally thank you so much for all of your support,” she wrote, “I honestly anticipated the worst to happen when I posted that video so having your support really means a lot.  For obvious reasons, I’m putting myself in a vulnerable spot, but when I did the pros and cons of this I realized that possibly saving someone from going through this traumatic event is worth it, hands down.”


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Lordakeet explained why she cannot give more details at this time.  “I know a lot of you are wondering how Ed and I know each other, “she wrote, “and essentially we know each other from work.  We used to work together.  With that being said, there are unfortunately some details that I can’t go into because of the Non-Disclosure agreement.  I hope you guys can be understanding of that, and patient because I’m sure that there’s going to be a lot of inquiries about this.”

Finally, Lordakeet thanked her supporters again. “I just want to reach out and say thank you,” she said, “you have no idea how much it means to people who have gone through a traumatic event like this to have support.”

Thankfully, Rose has been able to extricate herself from Ed.  She recently posted a social media rant against him.  It looks like she is done with Ed.


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As for Lordakeet, hopefully she is able to find justice for her trauma.


[Photo Credit: TLC]