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Bethenny Frankel Says The Hate In The World Is ‘Terrible’ & Leaves Her ‘Speechless’ & ‘Paralyzed’

We are truly living in unprecedented times. As we were all healing from the coronavirus pandemic, America is now mourning the death of George Floyd. While protests have gone on in all 50 states, many celebrities have taken to social media to express their opinions, their hurt, and have shared ways in which we all can help.

One celebrity who is always raw and honest is former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny is always very open about her opinions and feelings on current events going on in the world. She has done some amazing work with her BStrong foundation to help people during times of crisis. Most recently, Bethenny delivered 1 million protective suits to New York, among other efforts to combat the coronavirus. And now, Bethenny is expressing her feelings on George Floyd’s death and the protests.

As The Sun first reported, Bethenny spoke to her followers via Instagram Story in a very emotional state. “I had to be in the city and it’s not the city. It’s not the same city. What’s going on in this world is just beyond anything we can imagine. I just don’t want this world for my daughter and I’m so upset,” she spoke as she cried. “It’s just terrible, the hate in this world is so terrible, that I’m paralyzed. Speechless, paralyzed.” Bethenny ended by saying, “I’m just so sad and so sorry.”

Like all of us, the current state of our world is weighing heavy on Bethenny. While I do not have kids of my own, I can understand how Bethenny is feeling about the state of our world and the future for today’s kids. In the midst of everything that’s going on, it’s hard to imagine how things will get better. But I am grateful to stars like Bethenny who are open about expressing their feelings, and who take action to make changes.


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In a previous post following the death of George Floyd last week, Bethenny also expressed her view on how the protestors are feeling. “To have so much anger inside of you, to hate another person so passionately because of the color of their skin, means your insides are rotten. There is no limit to the hell that these cowards should experience,” she writes.

Bethenny wrote, “The public’s reaction of rage feels proportional to this vile injustice yet not justified. What in life is more important than feeling like a worthy, valuable human being versus dispensable? This is an outrage and I am embarrassed to live in a time and a country where this still exists. This is as much of a global reset and tragedy as is the pandemic. #thisisacrisis.”


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In true Bethenny fashion, she is not only expressing her opinions. She’s taking action. Posting to her social media accounts, Bethenny announced that the BStrong foundation will be donating cash cards to black-owned businesses who have suffered during the protests.

One of the many things I love about Bethenny is that she is a woman of action. When there is a crisis, Bethenny and the BStrong foundation show up and truly help people. Judging from the overwhelming success she had in raising money for the coronavirus pandemic, I expect Bethenny and her supporters will be able to help many people during this time of so much pain.


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