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Tiger King Star Carole Baskin Explains Why She Refuses To Take Polygraph Test In Relation To Husband’s Disappearance

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Is there anyone left on the Internet who doesn’t think Carole Baskin fed her former husband Don Lewis to the tigers? Yeah, didn’t think so.

If you’ve watched the Netflix sensation Tiger King (if you haven’t, do you live under a rock?), you probably had many takeaways from the docu-series that has turned into the gift that keeps on giving during this quarantine. The one thing many of us are convinced of is that Carole was involved in her late husband’s disappearance. Hell, even OJ Simpson thinks she’s guilty. But when it comes to taking a polygraph test to prove her guilt innocence, Carole is stuck between a can of sardine oil and a meat grinder.

Express first reported that Big Cat Rescue owner Carole took to her Facebook page to discuss both the wild accusations of her involvement in Don’s disappearance, and also the reason why she never took a polygraph test. My guess is it’s because she is guilty, but hey, let’s hear her out.

In Carole’s video, she explains that Don’s assistant and daughters had taken a polygraph test and “asked me if I would do the same.” Seems only logical.

Carole continues, “So I said ‘sure’ because I wanted them to know that there was no way that I was involved in harming their father. And so I thought a polygraph would be a great way to do that. At that time, I only had a real estate attorney. I didn’t have a criminal attorney because I didn’t think I had any reason to need one.”


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Interesting. The very woman that thought to retain an attorney to make sure “disappearance” was included in Don’s will didn’t think she needed a criminal attorney. I digress.

“So I told my real estate attorney that I was going to go down and take this polygraph. They said I should contact a criminal attorney and ask them for their advice, so I did,” Carole continues.


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“He said: ‘Absolutely not, whenever they give you a polygraph test, the only thing it can do is tell whether or not you are having an emotional response.’”

“Well for crying out loud, I was having all kinds of emotions going on. So if you have an emotional response, they’ll say you failed the polygraph. Which then makes everyone think that I’ve done something horrible and that was not my intent. My intent was to give them some peace of mind.”


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I wonder what kind of emotions Carole was feeling at the time. Guilt? Regret? Relief? Freedom? Carole claims even if she were able to display no emotions, which let’s be honest, would have been a walk in the park for her, the test would have come back “inconclusive.”

Carole adds, “But that would been taken to say that I’m this stone-cold killer that has no emotional response.” Hmm. This sounds oddly like the time when Carole was discussing Joe Exotic’s theory that someone poured perfume on his shoes to lure the tigers to eat him, but Carole insisted that they would have had to use something the tigers liked to eat, like sardine oil.


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“So there was nothing good that was going to come out of that. I knew I didn’t have anything to do with Don’s disappearance, it wasn’t gonna help anybody find him,” Carole states. Yeah, Carole, because a tiger ate him.

“So there was absolutely no reason to take a polygraph then or now, 23 years later,” Carole concludes. I wonder if the Florida Police who are reopening the case of Don’s disappearance will find this excuse plausible? Only time will tell.


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