Craig Conover Organizes Charity Bowling Tournament To Support Black Lives Matter

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover spent his early seasons on the show ineffectively pursuing hobbies and avoiding the morning hours.

Since returning from a prolonged stay in the Bahamas, Craig has found his center.  It’s unclear whether Craig started waking up any earlier, but he accomplished a lot in the last two seasons of the show on his own schedule.  He started a successful pillow making company called Sewing Down South, and finally moved on from ex-Naomie Olindo.

Craig decided to use his professional success and social media presence to contribute to social causes.  Earlier this week, Craig posted a video message to fans on his Instagram page.  He shared his vision for Sewing Down South as well as listing the projects that he already organized.

“In classic Sewing Down South fashion, and just how I’ve always lived my life, our approach to everything going on, and anything that’s happened in the past year, has always been action,” Craig explained, “and so we spent the last few weeks making as many donations as possible.  Whether that’s financial donation, mask donation.”


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Craig felt it was critical to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.  He is organizing a sporting event in the hopes of building bridges between different societal groups.

Craig explained, “we’re also organizing a bowling tournament, which will have police officers, community organizers, protesters  Anyone that wants to be involved and be in a safe setting where they can bond with someone that they might not have a chance to be with if it wasn’t for the tournament.”


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“I think competition brings people together,” Craig continued, “I think bowling is one of the most neutral activities you can do.  It doesn’t require much coaching or anything.  Anyone can step up there and bowl.”

It’s unclear whether this is also a fundraising initiative.  But Craig’s goal is to encourage communication.  He described how the tournament will be organized.


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“We’re gonna try to have at least two officers, two community organizers, and two other people from the community specifically people that were involved with the protest,” he explained, “all on a team.  So hopefully they can get comfortable enough throughout the ten frames to start to open up and really have a conversation in person about what’s going on.  And I think that’s a healthy approach to this.  I think it’s gonna be a healthy day.  And I think a lot of good’s gonna come out of it.  I’m optimistic for that.  Everyone has a different approach.  Everyone has a different feeling on what has the greatest impact.  And for us, this is what we’ve been doing.”

There are many ways to support BLM.  Craig stressed that this is what he felt intuitively would be an effective approach.  “I understand that a lot of people are using social media as their approach to this,” he said, “and that’s great, and that’s ok. But for us, action is what makes us feel whole and how I think efficiently helps. And not that everything else doesn’t, it’s just this is our approach.”


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Craig concluded the video with a heartfelt statement about living with kindness and consideration.  “I love you all, I always have,” he said, “I see humans as humans and I was fortunate enough to be raised that way.  And I look forward to saying hi to pretty much everyone I see on the street.  That’s why I love Charleston so much cuz everyone talks to each other no matter what walk of life you come from.  So just, be kind.  There’s a lot to fix out there, but we can all just do our part.  And this is our part.”

“Stay kind.  Love everyone.  We’re all just human beings and that’s how we should treat human beings.  Will there be consequences on how you treat someone on the street,” Craig continued, “everyone should be held accountable.  And everyone should do their best to spread positivity.  You only live once, that we know of.  And why not make it a fun happy positive impact while you’re here.”


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Craig invited followers that want to be part of the tournament to reach out to him via social media platforms.  Though Sewing Down South is actively seeking participants involved in politics or law enforcement, Craig extended the invitation to anyone who wanted to be involved.


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[Photo Credit: Dia Dipaspil/ Bravo]