Kathryn Dennis Addresses Monkey Emoji Controversy Again; Admits She Was Wrong

By now you have heard about the hot water Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis put herself in. Kathryn shared a tense message exchange with an African American woman, defending her support of the President. While that is not a racist act in itself, screenshots of the conversation have been made public. At best, Kathryn is severely lacking in tact.

In an attempt to make a point during the correspondence, Kathryn used a monkey emoji. Naturally, this was extremely offensive to the recipient and because the context of the conversation centered around race. The monkey emoji was not seen as a gesture of amusement, but a definitive act of discrimination. Kathryn has apologized for the incident and promised to make a public statement of remorse, which has yet to occur. Now Kathryn is addressing her mistake on social media again, and offers another apology.

Fans supported Kathryn’s return from the Thomas Ravenel abyss of destruction. We applauded Kathryn’s achievements in ridding herself from the binds of substance abuse, becoming a responsible mother, and getting away from negative influences. Kathryn was one of the rare entities that “made a comeback” and it was great television.

Now Kathryn has completely might have destroyed that work. She probably destroyed her fan base or hope of support in the future.

She took to Twitter to reflect on her massive “mistake”. Kathryn wrote, “Honestly I never realized the monkey emoji was racist. Obviously I was wrong. I’m sorry. The conversation I had was distorted and completely taken out of context and now I’m being called all these things that I am not.”


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Is it possible Kathryn did not know the monkey emoji is racist? Maybe, if she lived in the woods with no human contact and only scraps of possum to live on. But honey, to say you live in the South and don’t know the monkey emoji is racist is bullshit in it’s highest form. We see you.

Kathryn then shares her appreciation of those who have taken the time to enlighten her on basic standards of communication. Kathryn said, “I really appreciate people who correct me and teach me because without them I might have been repeating mistakes for a long time.” Golly, those internet receipts can be tricky.


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Kathryn continued, “Honestly I use that emoji all the time because it looks silly and awkward the way the way it is sitting. [The person] I was messaging is anonymous I did not know who…boy/girl black/white.” Oops, the published screenshots of the conversation prove there is little doubt Kathryn was aware her recipient was a person of color.

Let’s be clear, the monkey emoji in itself is not racist. Kathryn admits to and it has been confirmed she has used the monkey emoji with regularity in the past. The problem is the context of the conversation Kathryn was having, which revolved around race and race relations.


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The Twitter posts received feedback applauding Kathryn’s backpedaling effort to cultivate new avenues of thought, but for the most part people weren’t buying it. She posted, “I hear you, I see you and I’m sorry.” Is this a sincere effort towards improvement? Her bank account probably hopes so. Kathryn has lost a successful relationship with high-end department store Gwynn’s, as a result of her “mistake”.

Kathryn closed out her trip around the regret tree with, “For the fans that I have offended, I’m sorry. For the fans that have supported me, thank you.” Is this the big public statement? Is this the aftermath of profound soul searching? Southern Charm has recently lost three cast members, allegedly due to Kathryn being unable to refrain from sharing rumors. It makes you wonder if Bravo hasn’t had enough of her antics because we have.


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While Kathryn has not attacked someone physically, she is getting a fast diploma on how words or actions can be more harmful. This is an opportunity for Kathryn to use her platform as one of change and acceptance. She needs to move forward with the knowledge that what might be “funny” to her can be hateful to others. She could use the new tools she has gained to educate her children so the excuse pattern of “not knowing” will stop. Or maybe Kathryn is just telling people what they want to hear in a frantic attempt to save what’s left of her job.


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