Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Says “I Cannot Stand My Character Being Annihilated” In Response Of Monkey Emoji Controversy

Just because the cameras aren’t rolling, that doesn’t mean the reality TV drama ever stops, especially with Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis. Soon after she and ex Thomas Ravenel finally settled their nasty child custody dispute, she encountered more issues. Her ex Joe Abruzzo is suing Bravo and some other Southern Charm cast members for comments about his “Ken doll penis.”

Last week some screenshots went public from a conversation that Kathryn had with an African American woman on Instagram. In the midst of their dispute, Kathryn referred to her with a monkey emoji, which resulted in lots of outrage. The Charleston department store that she worked with publicly disassociated with her in response. Then, Cameran Eubanks quit Southern Charm amidst rumors that her husband Jason Wimberly cheated on her. The accused mistress denied it and claimed that it was KATHRYN who started the rumor, a claim that Naomie Olindo backed up in an Instagram Story. Now, Kathryn is speaking out, but only about the emoji controversy. She hasn’t uttered a peep about coming for Cam’s marriage… allegedly.

The Instagram account Best of Bravo captured a screenshot of Kathryn’s Instagram apology. She wrote, “I’ve been quiet since all this started and told not to post anything but I can’t stand it anymore. Y’all have to know that this whole thing has been blown out of context. I’m freakin heartbroken and SO depressed because the way I’m being portrayed is totally not true!!!”

The mother of two claimed, “I use that emoji all the time bc it looks silly and awkward and that’s my baseline.” OK, Kathryn. She alleged, “The account was anonymous I didn’t even know who I was messaging??? And now I’ve been labeled all this crazy stuff and it’s just not true. And it’s not fair. And I see now that I’m back on IG that some*** people are thrilled to use this situation to come up on their own. Use for their own benefit.” Who could she be referring to? Landon Clements shaded Kathryn. Ashley Jacobs accused the Southern Charm cast of “enabling” Kathryn.


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Kathryn concluded, “But I’m not gonna let that happen. Never have never will. I’m making a full statement tomorrow but I had to respond bc I cannot stand my character being annihilated. Please just be patient know this shit is just not true.” It’s a day later and she still hasn’t released that full statment.


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Kathryn Dennis emoji statement

Yes, she already apologized on social media, but it wouldn’t have killed her to throw in another “I’m sorry” just for good measure. It’s also so interesting that she hasn’t denied the allegations about her involvement in those cheating rumors, but that probably wouldn’t be a good thing to lump into her racism denials.


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