90 Day Fiance Star Lisa Hamme Reportedly Dropped By TLC After Using Racial Slur Against Usman Umar

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Lisa Hamme appeared in the fourth season.  She seemed to be a replacement for the highly entertaining Angela Deem, but a lot more belligerent.  Angela at least gave viewers some laughs while belittling her fiance Michael Ilesanmi.  Lisa, on the other hand, was simply abrasive and rude to her man Usman Umar.

But, the tirades that we saw onscreen did not encompass the scope of Lisa’s verbal abuse towards Usman.  Last month, leaked footage from the reunion revealed that Lisa used racial slurs in a prior conversation with her husband.  It was unclear at the time how TLC would handle the situation.  TLC decided to cut the footage entirely and sweep the verbal abuse under the rug.  The reunion aired without any indication that Lisa used a derogatory racial slur.  Now, TLC is facing backlash on that decision and moving quickly to distance themselves from Lisa.

Lisa used despicable language and is paying the price.  According to Usman, Lisa called him the N-word.  “Lisa, last week you called me a ni–er which I know is totally inappropriate in America,” he revealed during the filming of the reunion, “you called me a ni–er, I don’t even get angry about it because I am used to how you are behaving.”

The first indication that Lisa would be facing repercussions was a canceled appearance.  The Blast reported she was to go live with comedian Trenton Davis on Instagram earlier this week.  The appearance was canceled mere hours beforehand.  Her rep issued a statement explaining that the decision had come from TLC.  He said, “today’s interview with @trentoncomedy and @baby_girl_lisa2020 had been canceled due to TLC not allowing Lisa to do the interview.”


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As well as being rightfully shunned on social media, Lisa is facing repercussions from the TLC network.  Yesterday, reality TV blogger John Yates shared a document Lisa received from Sharp Entertainment.  It reads, “Sharp Entertainment no longer requires your services for the project B90 Strikes Back!  Your participant agreement and appearance release is not terminated and you remain exclusive to Sharp Entertainment under your agreement.”

So what does this mean for Lisa?  An article from The Blast speculated that Lisa has been removed from the spinoff B90 Strikes Back, despite already filming for the show.


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The public is questioning why TLC took so long to deal with the situation given that the footage was leaked a month ago.  Public sentiments indicate that firing Lisa for racist statements should have been done right away and the delay shows a lack of sincerity and empathy towards people of color and the Black Lives Matter movement.


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[Photo Credit: TLC]

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