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Kyle Richards Admits Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Fans Gave Her New Perspective On Kim Richards’ Struggle With Alcoholism

One major highlight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week was the always-welcome return of Kim Richards. Filming with Kyle Richards, the RHOBH OG underwent a surgery to correct her breast implants. And honestly, it was nice to see the sisters laughing, joking around and in a genuinely good place.

On the brand-new RHOBH Season 10 After Show, Kyle opened up about just how far her relationship with Kim has come and what it took to reach peace after years of on-camera feuding.

“My relationship with my sister Kim has really been like, you know…Over these ten years that you guys have been privy to our relationship, has literally done this [rollercoaster motion] for ten years,” Kyle said during the segment.

That’s the understatement of the decade. After simmering for a full season, the Richards sisters’ drama reached an explosive boiling point in the Season 1 finale. In a heartbreaking fight in the back of a limo, Kyle exposed Kim‘s alcoholism on camera; Kim retaliated by accusing Kyle of stealing her ‘goddamn house.’


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While at times they were allies (like during Season 2’s iconic game night), they just as often bitter enemies, as Kyle watched Kim relapse, spiral and get caught in the web of her addiction time and time again.

By the time Kim exited RHOBH at the end of Season 5, she and her sister weren’t even speaking. (Their bitter feud had calcified into a seemingly unfixable estrangement thanks to a particularly vicious showing at the reunion) By Season 7, the pair had somewhat mended their relationship, which was once again put to test by rumors perpetuated by Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon that Kim was “close to death” and Kyle was enabling her addiction.


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However, after all the years of tears, harsh words and frankly life-or-death stakes, Kyle has maintained in the past that being held publicly accountable on RHOBH helped save her sister’s life. Now she says it’s changed her perspective on Kim‘s struggles as well. And probably saved their relationship, too.

“Being on this show has been like a therapy session, honestly,” the OG continued. “Like Season 1 when we had our big blow-up, I used to feel like, ‘We’re a victim to her alcoholism.’ [When] she would do things and act out, I felt hurt or I felt…And then, you know, when people got angry with me, it changed my thinking. And it opened my eyes. And doing a show like that, you’ll learn things about yourself and grow from them. For that, I’m very grateful.”


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Kyle concluded: “We’ve come a long way and I understand my sister a lot more. I think that she understands me a lot more. We’re at a place, we don’t argue. I feel like we’ve worked through the majority of our stuff.”


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