Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck

Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Reflects On His Son Joshua’s Passing A Year Later

If you’re reading this, you probably love reality TV. Bravo fans can be particularly divided when it comes to who we love or we love to hate. But Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach is one Bravolebrity we can all probably agree on. This Stud of the Sea is one of the few level-headed people on Bravo. He knows how to do his job, protects his crew, and demands the best from people.

Captain Lee is currently dealing with the mess of this cruise ship scam and having his identity stolen. But more tragically he is revisiting the loss of his son, Joshua Lee Rosbach. Last year, around this time, Joshua died way too young, from a drug addiction. The Captain is now honoring his son with some reflections.

Captain Lee took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message, “It was a year ago today that my bride, Mary Anne and I lost our beloved son Josh to his demons. The struggle continues, but we’re getting thru it.” My heart breaks for both of them.

He continued on to thank people, writing, “Thanks to all of you out there for your unconditional support, it does not go unnoticed and touches me in the very depths of my soul. We are both very grateful for the random acts of love and kindness that continue to come our way.”


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Then Captain Lee wrote directly to Joshua, “we will always carry you in our hearts and will do so until our souls leave our bodies to join you. We love you son and are very proud of the kind and loving person you were. Love, Mom & Pops.” Reading that is just so sad. A loss like this is something that can never be healed and my heart truly goes out to Captain Lee and his whole family.


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This moment in time can be characterized by extreme uncertainty, and drug addiction has been on the rise. If you suspect your loved ones are dependent on drugs or alcohol, call or visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for guidance and resources. If you can’t see people in person right now, make sure you call/facetime/zoom/skype the people you love, who might need someone to check in on them. And if you are someone who needs someone to check in on you, do not hesitate to reach out to those you love. They want to hear from you.


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